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  1. If you assume your gun does 300 damage and the enemies does 500 damage if you are both driving the same tank then you can never make a trade, which is stupid. You should be aware of what is possible but to play around an extremely unlikely outcome is not smart. It means you end up doing nothing which is the worst play you can make.
  2. The type 4 and type 5. They have so large HE shells that they'll deal more damage than most heavies per shot without having to pen anything. And they have far too good armor on top of that.
  3. I actually think the game overall is in a much worse spot today than it has been in the past and I think the balance between tanks is the worst it has probably ever been, at least while I have played, I didn't play until the end of 2012 or thereabouts. There have been a few unbalanced tanks in the past, the WTE100, the pre-nerf pzIV/M4 105 HEAT and a few others that were stupid. But the gap between what is usable and what is not right now is enormous. Guns keep getting bigger, armor keeps getting thicker and premiums that are essentially upgrades to the tech tree vehicles keep getting released
  4. I think the 357 format has positive things in it. Being bottom tier in 357 is better than being bottom tier in 9/1/5 for example which would not be that uncommon before the change. The problem with it is the changes to armor, armor was kind of useless before, but the tanks that have armor now are almost completely invincible to tanks 2 tiers lower and some of them (maus and type 5) are even practically invincible to same tier opponents except for super-pen TDs or very high-pen premium ammo. This means that bottom tier is now more useless than it has ever been before in the higher tie
  5. It lets you download the entire thing before it deletes it though, it doesn't come up before download begins.
  6. It's not just his, a bunch of packs are getting blocked. same thing happening to Anfield's as well.
  7. Does anybody know what this tank is supposed to be? http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/22/setting-guest/
  8. According to this the tank weighs more than an E100 at 155 tons (although tracks only support 39 of them) Tank wont be able to drive. That should keep it balanced.
  9. You have to install it to windows, not just the WoT client. Right-click the file and select 'Install'.
  10. As a European playing on NA, I always wonder how large an impact higher ping has on my performance, I know it has some impact because I can tell a clear impact at times where I average 50 ping higher than usual but no idea how much exactly.
  11. I don't understand how to do LT-7. (only on stug, I haven't focused on missions at all) objective: Spot an enemy spg and immobilize it or enable your allies to cause damage to it I feel like I have completed it several times without getting credit, I had this game yesterday which definitely completed it: http://i.imgur.com/WatftM8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZPtf31M.jpg Played chaffee, Spotted the FV304 which was destroyed by a teammate through my spotting, and then I tracked the M12 later who was also destroyed by a teammate 1 second later. This seems to fulfil both the obj
  12. What should I do for equipment on T69?

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Vstab optics/vents egl

    2. climbinguy


      ^ and if you get pissed off when you get ammoracked every game you could always get a wet rack, but it doesnt help. The T69 was one of my favorite tanks but that was only because I did so good before getting the 54e1 and all I shot out of it was HEAT. It was expensive, and I didnt feel like wasting money on it when I came back so I sold it.

  13. I thought he meant battletier, didn't understand how a tier 4 tank could get into a battletier 3 match.
  14. Depending on the range and what angle of armor you are shooting at the shell velocity can mean a not insignificant variation in the degree of impact. This might give you better or worse penetration properties again depending on the slope of the armor you hit. It mostly comes into play on slowish shells or at very long ranges, but it certainly can make a difference.
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