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  1. Hello sir! I personally go to the wiki page for World of Tanks and read the in-depth review for each tank that I'm interested in. It's a good idea to do this, so you can improve your knowledge of the game. I'm a very analytical and statistics based player, so when I'm in my X tank and I'm shooting at Y tank, I know my guns pen, their hull armor, how angling affects it. ect. As GI Joe once said "knowing is half the battle" I also watch Quickybaby, Jingles and the official World of Tanks replay channels on Youtube. Again, it's all about knowledge retention and finding the best places to get
  2. Very interesting input sir. So then would you say that tier for tier, that the IS-4 at tier X is better than the ST-I at tier 9? I don't mind as much about the gun performance because I prefer to brawl with my heavies, but that one comment you made about the LFP, getting penned by say an IS or SU-100 with the 122 worries me.
  3. thank you for that! yeah I just wanted to see with the current meta what people thought that is all!
  4. Currently grinding out the road less traveled on the Soviet tech tree, gunning for the IS-4. I have played the E-75 on WoT Console. Had some of my best games and stats in that glorious tenk. It begs the question; who here enjoys the ST-I more or the E-75, and why? Comments appreciated. -Snake.
  5. Hello, Can someone help me? I verified my account with the name _TheSneakySnake_, which is my PC gamertag on the NA server. It says I have played 785 battles, and has incorrect everything honestly. Here is my gamertag on the WotLabs page: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/_TheSneakySnake_ Can someone help me and when will the statistics get fixed? Thank you for your time! -Snake.
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm Joseph, but please call me Sneaky! I just recently started playing tanks when they released on the Xbox One, and this Christmas I made the jump to PC. I've grinded to the E-100 and a few tier 9's on the xbox and now i'm bringing my talents to the master race side trying to find cool people to chat with and play with on the PC, you'll find me slithering around on the NA server. Looking forward to the forums and the game. Thanks everyone and happy hunting!! -Snake.
  7. ...Beware of the Sneaky Little Snake

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