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  1. BBs: Fuso - lacks in tankiness but compensates with best firepower in tier. Weak to airstrikes and torps because of poor handling, mediocre torpedobelt and non-existent AA. Good bote but I wouldn't rank it as god tier. Mutsu - flexible, low armor, massive guns that overmatch everything in sight (shit raw penetration though), and once again no AA to speak of and poor handling, but you're the 2nd fastest T6 BB. On the other hand, you have 4x1, 2 per side torpedo launchers with very narrow arcs, you're gonna use them once in a blue moon but hey, they're torps on a BB! NM - Slow,
  2. You just laugh as the enemy shells land 3 postal codes behind you
  3. Finally unlocks the top hull, shit goes down Gud littel bote Also my all-time damage record so far
  4. Ouch. Although I don't recall seeing a salvo higher than Aerroon's 95k versus a Yamato.
  5. I wouldn't exactly call this powercreep, Yorck has comparable range and reload with this thing having both shell types weaker with slightly more fire chance. Maneuverability seems tho. Henri, if anything, needs better reload. Pen may seem anemic but it's actually pretty similar to Des Memes @ 5km, and with that gun velocity I can only assume gun arcs are going to be middle ground between Zao and DM.
  6. @sahtila Fiji is exceptionally good, so are Nagato and Shira. Myoko takes a bit more skill to pull off good games with but it's pretty tanky and packs a big punch; AP can wreck RN CL pretty hard, only difference between ths and USN being the higher autobounce threshold on USN AP. Colorado is a solid pick because dem overkill guns but it's slooowww, Scharn has the volume of fire to compensate for the lack of pen and Gneis I feel is the weakest of the pack - a bit better at fighting BBs than the Scharn but the trollish dispersion and lack of shells in a broadside really hurt your anti-CL and ant
  7. C hull is used only in competitive play as you get Defensive AA, which is pretty useful because the enemy always has a CV. In ranked tho you better stick to the B hull
  8. Fiji works exceptionally well for me, key is to get aggressive positions and nuke DDs and enemy cruisers. You can do a pretty good job at cleaning up DDs, just not as effectively as the LULfast. Sometimes I play Scharnhorst for the YOLO memes, charging down a Colorado/Nagato is always satisfying. The problem is though, it melts pretty fast under sustained fire.
  9. Montana is good against pretty much everything except the other 2 T10 BBs, Yamato LOLpens it at any angle while Currywurst out-tanks it at 13-ish km and below. On the plus side it has the highest DPM out of any BB in the game, it shreds cruisers and gives even DDs a run for their money simply because of lotsa gunz. It can get pretty nice rudder shift times, couple that with the accuracy module and you can effectively nuke unsuspecting ships from long range. But when it's time to push, you push unless there's a Yamato, then you just fuck off Yamato is, comprehensively put, the god of all b
  10. 420s have 32s stock reload with 13500 dmg while 406 have 29/12700, which means 406 have more DPM. 406 also have slightly higher pen and IIRC 420s don't overmatch anything the 406s wouldn't. These are raw stats, the way I see them - 406 make you a constant threat and they give you the opportunity to punish broadsides more often, however with the 420s you have a higher alpha strike and you don't have to expose your broadside as often as you would with the 406s. Overall it's a matter of personal preference, for me the 406 worked better on the PTS. And please don't be that HE-spamming BB pleb
  11. WoWS deffo has it's problems, but it's IMO miles ahead of WoT as far as balance, rage-inducing game features and listening to feedback is concerned. RNG giveth and taketh away sometimes, but not nearly as much as in WoT, there are no RNG rolls on damage and penetration to screw you over. Concerning class balance and DDs - out of all surface combat classes DDs have the most impact on battle outcome but they punish mistakes the most as well, only increasing with every tier, and with all the means to counter DDs at top tiers (radar, hydro on CA and BB, vigilance, RPF, CVs) I think the number
  12. Played Ranked first thing in the morning yesterday, you'd expect there's not many potatoes at R13 (since I got to R2 last season), but oh my fucking god. Every single time my lineup was worse than the enemy one, 4 wins and 6 defeats with a net gain of 2 stars. One of my teams literally got roflstomped so fast, I thought "wait a minute......am I playing WoT or WoWS?!" ANother example, we all agree on going B on North, "friendly" Mahan goes A, gets driven away by CV and proceeds to throw a torpedo tantrum on us without ever typing anything in chat, not even a "kurwa tym pojebany". Other tha
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