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  1. Noone mentioned her so far: How's the Loyang? Looks like a Benson copypaste, and the Benson ain't bad, right? She's currently on offer for 5600 doubloons...
  2. Yeah, 2 problems right there: not for doubloons, and I'm playing on EU
  3. I'm currently doing that in the Kagero. Got the first Kraken just yesterday in her. Having 16 tin fish in the water at once is just plain evil. But the Harekaze isn't so easily available, right?
  4. Thanks all for the input so far. After watching some videos I'm tempted to take the Atago as I already have a handful of (lower) BB premiums. Or the Tirpitz? I'm having a blast in BB knife fights. And she could fit that role really well... Missouri is still not out of the discussion though. I'm currently at the Colorado in the US tree. Does the gun handling change drastically from t7 to 8 and up? As I found these guns to work quite comfortably so far and calibre wise they stay the same from there on.
  5. So, after selling the Belfast for her full dubloon price (yes, I didn't like her, please don't kill me), I suddenly have around 13000 doubloons and wondered what could be done with that. And, as I don't have a T8 Premium so far and the Christmas sales will probably start in the not so far future, I wanted to get some opinions what currently the best/most OP/fun tier 8 is that can be bought with doubloons. Some points to consider: I am mostly a BBaby highest tiers: Bismarck (decent stats in it, almost finished), Amagi (mediocre), Kagero (bad, still learning), New Orleans (
  6. I am so fucking fed up with this horrible piece of shit. I actually finished this with a 46% win rate after 160 games (half of that before the buff though), Never was I so relieved to sell a tank in this game. Is the T9 Foch any better Tier-for-Tier? Is the armor workable? The gun handling? Or should I just leave that line for good?
  7. tanks.gg shall be thyne answer. It's all perfectly vertical 90 mm plate and thus differing from the visual model. Someone should inquire WG about this historical inaccuracy. Maybe that way it could provide even more bullshit bounces...errr...I mean a more diverse gameplay for everyone.
  8. I had to learn it the hard way, too. This tank is not fit to take any hits to the hull. Sidescraping only ever works in the sharpest of angles when the fat tracks eat the shells or you have an auto bounce angle. In that case you probably can't shoot back because of the center turret. So you have to expose the hull which in turn is an invitation for almost everyone (even T8 meds with standard ammo, srsly...) to hit your sensitive parts. In Essence: Don't brawl. Avoid city fights as much as possible, unless you have enough pubbys to eat some shells for you. If you have to brawl, t
  9. I'm currently grinding this, and in the 80-something games I have so far, the tank has not burned once. And I ate a lot of Shells to the side, thanks to my inability to properly angle it. Fuel tanks often get damaged but never burned so far. Engine was, IIRC, never damaged. Keep in mind, the 20% fire chance is for the engine, not the fuel tanks. I Would be interested in some advice concerning directives, too, though. On a side note, I really struggle to carry in this thing. After fully researching everything I had numerous games with 4k, 5k damage but in the end got overw
  10. So, the new patch is finally here. I rebought the AMX AC 48, a long time ago sold in utter disgust. After a few battles, some thing became clear: The armor is still utter shit, even though you cant get overpenned through the sides any more. You can occasionally bounce some T6 or T7 stuff, but when is T8 top tier nowadays (once out of 7 test games for me)? When you get spotted, it's a fast way back to the garage with how big that thing is and how little health it has (2-3 hits game over). So I was forced to red line snipe for most of the games, which wasn't the most entertaining.
  11. It seems to me, people are shooting more HE lately, too. A side product of the japanese heavy grind, maybe? Not only in the low- or mid-tiers, but tier 8,9,10s even. Almost every game a fucking IS-3, (or even a Jagdtiger!) shoots me frontally for 200-whatever damage, regardless if he could pen me with standard AP or not. As a side-note: Yesterday I witnessed the legit HE-slinger, T-49, frontally one-shot an enemy UDES (1000 hp). It was glorious.
  12. Ketzstar

    WZ-111 1-4

    I only have the moneys for one right now and have to make a hard choice: Should I rather take this or the WZ-120 first? Which one is the better tank in your opinion? I am trained in both fields, the Heavium as well as the Communist Wedge department, so I have no preferences. I believe the 111-1-4 leads to the better Tier 10, right?
  13. Wow, thanks for that nice hint, Folterknecht! Very handy add-on. As for that video: Nice commenting, interesting replay, lots of luck involved though, but one thing made me raise my eyebrows more than once (and made my german Grammar Nazi soul cry): The spelling of the tank's name. I didn't even recognize it at first. "tier 8 premium low? What is he even talking about?" I thought. Please, the "E" is there for a reason. For an english/american tongue it might be a little difficult to spell, i admit. It would be something like "Loaf-a". (better yet: sorry for Klugscheißing) Maybe
  14. Are you guys researching the engine and the radios? 6000 xp for 20 extra horsepowers seems like a rather bad investment and the second radio is just for that single tank and never used again. So far, i've avoided these two "upgrades" and don't seem to miss them all that much.
  15. Thanks for the video there. That gave me some good ideas how to better up my play. I'd like to thank everyone for their input here. The consensus on the 50 120 seems to be "suck it up and snipe until you reach the 50B".
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