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  1. Hi LadyO, can't say I expected you to be here!
  2. Ok, in hindsight what I meant was that a crew can be moved into any premium from that nation with no penalty no matter which class it is. The Lucky medal just ceased to be obtainable from the time they removed team damage. However, that's a worthy sacrifice to virtually eradicate trolling and accidental team damage.
  3. Why is no team damage a bad idea? Also Haswell, I was under the impression that tank destroyer crews could only be put into that nation's premium tank destroyers, not premium heavies due to some of the PC reviews I've seen.
  4. As it says in the title, WoT Xbox have done some things differently than WoT PC. Here are the main things console has done significantly differently for the better (in my opinion): -Crews from a nation can be moved into any of that country's premium tanks for free, e.g. I can put my SU-152 tank destroyer crew into the Tetrarch for free. -Crew system simplified to one member with much sped up skill training to compensate. -No team damage. -Multi-nation crew trainers such as the AMX Chaffee and T-34-88. - More frequent 'fun' game modes such as the Spectre, Lunar Chaffee
  5. Honestly I've never had any issues hitting weak spots so I wouldn't say aiming is an issue, the circular minimap you get at first is awful (which is the one I assume you're talking about) but you can change it to a better, full map in settings. From my time in PC, I can tell you the pubbies are just as brain-damaged too.
  6. In what ways would you say they're different in terms of gameplay? Admittedly, I haven't played PC in a long while so I may have been wrong.
  7. In terms of gameplay its virtually identical anyway, the only real differences are some of the maps in rotation, slightly less bushes on console and a few differently balanced tanks at higher tiers.
  8. Xbox One: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/01/29/new-xbox-wot-map-pacific-island/
  9. Pacific Island and Dragon's Ridge are the worst, you can't get to a position in time to have an impact in the TOG due to the spawns.
  10. I get the impression people don't like the TOG II around here...
  11. I'd like to say I'm a pretty good TOG II player, however I seem to be stuck at 90% no matter what I do. Has anyone actually succeeded at getting three marks of excellence in the TOG and if so, can you give me any advice?
  12. Hello everyone! I'm a mediocre Xbox WoT player (which I would argue is different but not easier than PC and actually harder for scouts due to less concealment) who has a ~56% win rate. I would say this isn't too bad because I only play solo but I'd like to get better, unfortunately my win rate increase has recently stalled, hence I came here. I like lights (and love the ELC) but also enjoy mediums and heavies. I used to play only TDs but they got boring, now my only TD in regular usage is the SU-76i.
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