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  1. saru_richard

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    so how long you guys think this shit storm is going to last?
  2. holy shit i come back here and i see that they change the UI...

  3. saru_richard

    Looking for people NA Central

    holy shit how many repeat posts do you need?
  4. everything WG does upset the forums
  5. saru_richard

    Tier 7 premium PANTHER/M10 worth it?

    lets put it this way, you only get 150 mm of pen with the standard ammo... which means have fun doing no dmg when you face things with actual armor when you run out of lightly armor victims to chew through (though the 194 mm of pen on the gold round does actually cut it when your facing higher tier opponents though your going to need to aim for weakspots still)
  6. saru_richard

    Tier 7 premium PANTHER/M10 worth it?

    do you like to support your team with a rapid fire 7,5 cm gun that can't pen higher tiers without APCR yet shreds lower tiers apart on a platform whose hull has absolutely no armor yet its Turret is basically HEAT proof (just don't expect it to bounce AP rounds that often)? if so then yes it is worth it or you can watch this instead and decide for yourself:
  7. saru_richard

    And then they said "WOT IS P2W!"

    is it legal to send this thread to the gas chambers?
  8. saru_richard

    Type 59 fail carry

    So i attempt to carry this team in a type 59 but i may have screwed up the final 3 minutes.... any help will be appreciated
  9. anyone here wondering what LATAM test is suppose to stand for?

    1. Assassin7


      Latin america.

  10. so thats the founder of the lolcow know as exposingwot?
  11. saru_richard

    AW coming to Steam

    they must be getting really desperate
  12. saru_richard

    Modern Super-Heavy tank concepts...

    you know just out of curiosity and sheer boredom i wonder, say one day some random goverment agent came to you ordering that you have to make a Modern day Super-Heavy Tank how will you design it? I'll go first: Weight: 100-150 ton's Armor type: Dorchester armour (turns out its the stuff the Challenger II is made off...) APS: Iron Curtain Hull Armor: 300/200/150 mm Hull Armor sloping: 70 degrees front, 40 degrees side and rear Turret shape: something resembling a M1A2 Turret placed in the front Turret Armor: 400/ 200/200 mm Main Armament: 150 mm smooth bore Cannon Secondary Armament/Defense systems: .50 cal Heavy Machine gun connected to the commanders hatch, 20 tubes for Flares/Smoke Grenades, Two Slots one in each side for mini turrets each contain either a 20 mm auto cannon, Twin .50 cal Heavy Machine gun's, a BGM-71 TOW launcher or a FIM-92E Stinger launcher Engine: twin 1,500 HP engines Appearance: looks like the derange lovechild of a M1 Abrams and a IS-7 that got spoiled by a Maus have fun with the brainstorming