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  1. should i go Vents rammer and binocs on the Stug IV or should i replace the binocs with a camo net?

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    2. leggasiini


      easy free garage slot and 400k credits :D

      It doesnt even have increased credit income lol. Its utter trash (bad gun meh mobility crappy armor and its kinda blind, it has exactly two pros and that is camo and oref mm); i can understand crew training but there are billions of german TD prems to choose from, like skorpion or if u want to be cheapass max dick is better option aswell

    3. saru_richard



      but i want to remind myself how far i gotten in the game kappa :V

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I've played mine 30 or so solo and I don't think it's actually bad. It's certainly debatable, because you have to shoot a lot of gold which makes it a credit failure. For now though I'm definitely using it because my German TD crews all suck and there's no way in hell I'm playing my Dickermax or Jag 8,8 these days.

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