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  1. Why are you so mad about CW tenks being sold? Its not like you can get 15k bonds just for pressing the "battle" button (like tech tree tier 10s). Or do you think getting bonds is not enough of an effort compared to shit wars? Sounds pretty elitist to me.
  2. Right, I'll resurrect this thread to rely important information. If you are like me who has fuck all to grind and is stuck with British LTs then know this: tier9 GSOR or whatever fuck it is called is like a tower on wheels. I don't know if they simulate the center of gravity or it is just a "hahah" type of slider in the dev environment, but GSOR tips over SO FUCKING EASILY it is beyond retarded. I managed to tip over 3 times during one 2h play session. Do not rub against walls, do not drive over small bumps, do not hug anyone. The tank is very narrow and while it is not very high, it feels lik
  3. I am not russian, but I have lived along them all my life. Its really simple - time has basically no value as a general rule. It is "free". This produced some hilarious results when I did numbers for my friend during T 44 100 grind: he could have done a couple of days worth of overtime, bought the tokens and spent rest of this time doing whatever but he insisted wasting his time grinding, because "then I dont have to pay".
  4. Using above numbers worst case scenario: 27 prestige levels: 162h Minimum 7 episodes x first 30 level grind: 2.3h Minimum 7 episodes (for 27 prestige points): 49 days Average grind time per day every episode: 164,2/49=3.35hr per day Does this align with other randoms marathons for tier8s? Seems tad bit excessive. FL does have other benefits and fuckton of rewards, but playing 3.4hours per day on the same map the same game mode sounds depressing. Anyone going full retard and aiming for 27? Edit: Source data is way off, cant be arsed to calculate. Good luck to grin
  5. Has anyone crunched the numbers how many games over 7 "episodes" do you need to play to get enough prestige points for Emil and that tier9? I think its 27 prestige points right? Getting from 1-30 takes 30 games assuming you finish as a major or a general? One game lasts around 15mins on average (?) so getting a prestige point takes 450minutes/7.5 hours. Gettings 27 points takes 202 hours over 7-10weeks. Yeah...how about no. This doesnt even include the first 1-30 before you can start earning prestige points. Am I missing something? Can you get from 1-30 faster than 30 games consistently or are
  6. Id like to see it perform on city maps. Maybe I am missing something. So it is excellent on open maps and to balance that it is utterly useless on tunnel maps? Also read an interesting youtube comment: "We need loads of data before we make any rebalancing decisions"...blablabla.
  7. Ayee, 198 standard pen on tierX wheeled turd. I know, I know - common test and all, but I dont see them increasing it to 220-230. Good luck penning all those superheavies with your magnificent .38 non russian accuracy. At least you can drive to the nearest body of water at 105 km/h... https://www.tracks-up.com/home/world-of-tanks-supertest-top-tier-wheeled-vehicle-panhard-ebr-105-initial-parameters-images
  8. WG is never going to introduce more complicated MM rules like inverse pref.MM. They have stated it many times and also took actions to reduce the complexity of MM (light tank tiers, attempt to fuck with pref.MM tanks to make them normal MM). My opinion is that they will keep powercreeping shit (and maybe buffing tech tree tanks) until current OP crap like IS3A and Defender seem normal. Tiger2, KV4, TVP VTU and T-34-2 cry silently in the corner....
  9. So I was bored and watched yeserdays (07.01 - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/360951704) NA stream. They speak of balancing (and Defender bit specifically starts at 1:37:24) in conjunction with premium ammo rework. The only sentence even hinting at a defender reconfiguration (assumed nerf) is This could mean anything or nothing. Technically reworking every single tank except defender would also keep the statement accurate. Hardly a reason to shit yourself over 252U. TragicLoss however seems somewhat reasonable. She seems to convieniently forget all the times where WG was intentionall
  10. As a Defender owner Id like to see it nerfed to mediocracy. I dont care that I paid money for it - the purchase seemed to be a good idea at the time (if you cant fight them, join them). But, if they are actually serious (source clip plz) about balancing premium tanks (read: nerfing) to improve the health of the game, then more power to WG. OP should grind bobject or cykaconq if he feels he is not competitive in anything besides owerpowered or borderline overpowered tanks.
  11. My main point would be that you can still be a general regardless of your team (and reap the benefits of that rank). It is far harder to get an epic medal in pubs to get your multiplier. And yes, of course, it is profitable
  12. I am not doubting your experience however windowlickers in Frontlines are far easier to ignore and work around. My personal opinion is that FL as a gamemode in general is so much better than randoms, that actually winning or losing is mostly irrelevant. I am faaaar beyond stats or winrates, I am looking mainly for the entertainment factor in PvP games. I guess that is why I enjoyed FL a lot. I stopped playing WoT daily a long time ago, but I will probably do FL for a week on monthly basis.
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