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  1. Looking for people to play with for tournaments. I need some gold / bond income. I'm not the best but I can hold my own. I have 205 tanks in my garage so I can field something decent for any tier. HMU with my ign Reluctor.
  2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4633609#prokhorovka-reluctor-t57_heavy_tank So the badger was a bot / afk and the JPE did more team dmg than dmg to enemy team. I didn't know this until post game so during the game i thought I had them as support. The big question aside from general tips on what I could have done better is; after I killed the badger I realize I should have run away from the hill, however I have zero idea where I should have gone. Possibly where the JPE was, or in the water behind me, or the village? I'm not sure so any help would be lovely.
  3. No for 2 reasons. Firstly, an afk tank can spot enemies and be a meat shield. A blue / dead tank cannot, therefore afk is more use full than a dead one. Reason 2 is that I have had an entire team of dead players call me a bot despite my 6k dmg and trying to 1v3 at the end of the game, or getting into a prime spotting bush in a light tank in the beginning of the game and then a bunch of idiots complain that I'm not spotting things for them since the enemy team is also camping and then start referring to me as a bot. Even had a WT E100 back when they were still in the game put 3 shots into
  4. My recents are a bit wobbly due to grinding arty recently but should level back out to 2-2.1k soon. I have calling experience, I'm free most if not any night you need me until around 11 est. I have most tier 10 meta tanks. 5A, Super conq, conq GC, Maus, 907, etc. Working on the E3/strv/batchat lines right now. I'm looking for a clan where I can learn and grow. My eventual goal is to join a top 5 clan like Otter or Vilin. Would definitely like to join a clan that has much better players than myself to help with this goal. And since this seems to be a common question, no A
  5. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4055059#pilsen-reluctor-vk_100_01_p Ok, poor decision to take the position I did. I understand that, however I have no idea how I died to the lowe. He was entirely in the building, did he shoot me through a window?
  6. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3981009#siegfried_line-reluctor-wz-111_model_5a Fun game. I think if the arty hadn't gotten me at the end I could have angled against the S1 and lived. I went to that initial position because I saw circon go there once. Other than that I don't know what I'm doing. I took way too much damage from the TVP so if you could tell me what I should have done to negate that that would be super. Clan wars loadout so sorry for the heat spam. I only keep 7 AP rounds for medium pushes lol.
  7. Forewarning, scrub posting here. Personally I would take a patton over the light tank. I know you prefer your zoom zoom, but with the patton where it is now it can support the other 2 more easily while still providing a good vision role. As a side note, how would this platoon work at tier 8 for credit grinding? MM at tier 8 platoons is abysmal so I would love to find something fun and that can carry against 9's and 10's. Basically the S1, Black dog / patton KR / Lorr, and the Patriot. Could be good, could be shit. IDK.
  8. Join a clan and do advances.... Playing super conq firing 100% gold and still make 100k credits per win with our reserves going. Or do SH, same thing. Other ways to make credits besides pubs.
  9. Oh I see. I apologize. I would say that tier for tier the tier 6 meds are the strongest, however its hard to see because they can face tier 8 tanks. Tier 9 meds are a close second and that is more obvious because they can never be more than 1 tier down.
  10. Tier 6 - Meds. Crom / Skodas / prem Swedish auto loader / 34-85M / Jumbo sherman are all pretty beastly. Tier 7 - Heavy. T29, O Ni, IS / IS 2, very strong. Tier 8 - TD's. Tier is a toss up so its close, but with the Swedish TD's invis sniping, Skorp G and even the new premium TD's, they seem to be in a good place. Tier 9 - Meds. T 54 and buffed Cent 7/1 are pretty OP at the moment. T54E1 is a great one too. E75 is the only heavy that I would call great, the others are too specialized and inflexible in the roles they fill. Tier 10 - Super Heavies. Maus / VK 72 / Type 5. No explanation
  11. Heads up, I'm a noob. I don't play a lot of tier 10 tanks, note bad stats in mine. I typically play them only in advances / CW. That said, I recently played my 140 a lot for the x2 weekend to convert xp for my tortoise. I figured top tier med with Russian BIAS, what could go wrong? My ammunition load out is 20/28/2. I'm a little heavy on the heat I know, but I'm used to playing lots of advances and with the super heavy meta. My question, is should I bother with the HE at all? I honestly can't remember a single occurrence of loading HE in that tank in my few pub games / hundreds of a
  12. So I recently downloaded a mod for session stats after running vanilla the majority of the year. What I've noticed is that I can maintain 3k WN8 games indefinitely until 1 of 2 things happens. Occurance A: I make a stupid decision to over commit for a shot and get shot to hell in return. End result is a 2 shot or less game. Occurence B: The game swings super hard in our favor and I am unable to get in more than a few shots of dmg before we have won. B is only really a problem because I'm afraid of option A happening and am being more careful in the first 2 or 3 minutes of the game. I
  13. Should make running tier 8's bearable again though. If everyone has this selected so they don't lose out on MOE potential then tier 9 is going to get that much better and tier 8 will be much more user friendly than it has been since the Match making changes.
  14. http://wotreplays.com/site/3741644#sand_river-reluctor-waffentr_ger_auf_pz_iv So I kind of hate this tank, but this was a close game. I have no sixth sense, using a tiger 131 crew for 0 skill BIA once I get the the Grille 15. Figure the Grille 15 could benefit from more crew skills than the JPG E100 would, especially on the driver. I should have moved up sooner considering our heavies were at the limit of my render but I'm bad, and especially bad at TD's. Any help so that a game like this would be more easily in hand would be great, thank you.
  15. 440 is max spotting range isn't it? or are you saying at 480 view range I can spot the heavies at 440?
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