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  1. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the scaling. It can get ridiculous and a lot of games dont have the option to change the scaling. for instance, WOT added an option for that a few months after I got my montior and holy hell it was like playing in cinematic mode everything was soo tiny. As for my two monitors, the resolution on the second monitor is 1920x1080. No one should have to experience the scaling like that, ever.
  2. I'm running a Samsung 28" 4k monitor with an EVGA GTX980ti 6GB and everything is running fine so far. I average 40fps on World of Tanks with max settings including 4K resolution. I've also played GTA 5 with max settings and usually get around 30 fps. This is all with air cooling, 1 GPU, and 2 monitors (only 1 is 4k). Fallout 4 was the hardest to play at max settings using 4k since I had to throttle all of my fans to 85% to cool my GPU down to an average 50 celsius. I averaged around 25-40 fps on Fallout 4. However, I'm more then happy to sacrifice some FPS for a beautiful 4k resolution.
  3. Am i the only one who enjoyed playing the T28 proto? The "grind" to the T30 wasnt too bad but is definately worth it.
  4. I like to call this the O-I Express. Its fast and good at ramming stuff.
  5. Hello everyone! I've been reading so many posts on how to improve myself as a player and I've learned many new skills from you all. So I made this account to say thank you for the very helpful information.
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