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  1. My first freaking kolobanovs! Fuck yea! 

    So this is what has to happen to ace my 50/51...

    Tooned up with a 49%er and this is what happens lol, guy is a great meatshield :)

  2. Just got an invite from PSQD on eu, that clan any good?

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    2. Marko9


      Dont think i qualify though... 10 tier 10s :)

    3. H4NI


      well it's now or never... if you look at their player roster, you can see that they've never been more desperate for (good) players. and it was a joke, don't go there, lol.

    4. Marko9


      Whats wrong with reds? i dont follow clans, thought they were ok..

  3. Finished my last session with 51%...

    The teams, mm, my gameplay, rng, arty... Everything clicked together to create some weird internet WoT perfect storm!

    I cannot remember the last time I was this angry, and I once poped all 4 tires on my car at the same time. I might actually be having a small stroke right now... Oh god.. after a month at 60%+ this is the great equilaizer of my recent wr.. what the hell is happening?

    I see a light at the end of the tunnel... Must be a train.

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    2. Marko9


      Maus 0 dmg.... :facepalm:

    3. Wewum


      Maus 0 dmg :kjugh:

      ...in a no arty game :serb:

    4. no_name_cro


      Don't worry, he tanked like ~0 damage. :serb:

  4. Koji ti nick u igri?

  5. Tvp 50/51 is fucking cursed, I honestly think that arty starts masturbating the minute they see me on the loading screen!!!

    What the flying fuck is happening? I'm gonna sell this thing and rebuy t50, that thing was a joy to drive...

  6. Play skoda t50 and get 72% wr at the end of the grind? Check

    Buy tvp 50/51... 33% after 20 games... 15 out of 20 games arty one shot KO


  7. Can anyone help with recording an old replay? I have an old replay of my ru251 getting a 6600dmg game that i would want to put up on yotube.


    1. MacusFlash


      Download a needful version from this site http://wot.djgappa.com/

    2. Marko9
  8. At work... taking a shit... 

    Still more effort then playing arty!


  9. "Because WN8 is a joke metric filled with double standards by the developer cabal on wotlabs."


    The stuff u read on the official forums :)

    1. Kitten


      Can confirm I update it to make myself look more purple :doge: oh wait...

    2. UglyBigD


      When I get on the official forums I just want to stab 9/10 people with Occam's razor

  10. AMX CDC armor use efficiency.. 0.01 

    HAHAHA :rngfu:

  11. Skoda t50 update, after 140 games still 72% :dealdog:

    This thing is gonna be nerfed to the ground :)

    1. HemanathanRX7


      op tenk is op :doge:

  12. Lol after 118 games, a little over 100 of them solo, still 72%wr..

    skoda t50 masterrace :P

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    2. Marko9


      Same dpg as my batchat... Wtf..

      But freaking 72%? wtf?!

    3. RichardNixon


      72% +/- 9%. Still pretty good, but you need to take 100-battle winrates with a pinch of salt.

    4. Marko9


      True, i reckon it will even out at 60% over time. As my every new tank, first 100-200 batles i do great, then i noob my way to 55-60. In some cases (e50) 50%, how did that happen? :)

  13. Anyone wanna toon up? T9 eu 


  14. Hello guys, i'm new here and wanted to say hello. 


    I'm from the EU server (obviously), and am looking for toon mates. After 17000games 99% solo, i'm throwing in the towl, the new generation reds and all those 15-2 lately have broke me :)


    Looking for a good clan too while i'm at it :P


    P.s. phone won't let me make a new post so i'm dropping this here :)

    1. Briqs


      Welcome to the forums, hopefully here you can find some good toonmates/a good clam

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