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  1. http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/marko9

    Hello fellow married tankers with kids .  RIP free time :drunk:

    Looking for a clan that has no attendance requirements cause i just don't give a damn what you think my saturday night should look like :QBFlip:


    After a lot of soloing, i'm interested in some tooning and SH. I speak english fluently and ts is a must. 

    In short, i just wanna play some tonks with people that want to have fun and are close to my "skills" :)


  2. Hi guys, I got myself the 50/51 after having an AWESOME time in the skoda t50 expecting to have a similar experience in this tank...

    To my suprise I can't win in this thing if my life depended on it. My dpg is crap, same as in the skoda. But while i did get a ridiculos wr of over 70% in my skoda, my wr in the 50/51 is below 50%.

    What am I missing? Is there a serious playstile difference on the t10 oposed to the t9?

    Is anyone willing to toon up on EU in his 50/51 so I can see what am I doing wrong?

    I guess i'll post some replays of my"performance" in the tank so u can give me some pointers.

    This thing is such a chore to drive that i'm actually considering selling a t10 for the first time (and I didn't even sell the pos 268 post nerf)

    How do u 50/51?

    Heeeeeelp :feelsbad:

  3. In this age of paper tanks galoure and current sigma accuracy, I don't think gold ammo gives as much of an advantage anymore.

    Basicly now everything is an e50s gun in terms of accuracy, and if you aren't up against type5s, maus and the like... Chances are you are just wasting your credits...

    Or worse, shooting tracks with HEAT. There are some tanks that benefit from high gold ammo usage (t54, e100 etc.), but those are only a few.


    In short, most of it is an illusion, learn to aim :popcorn:

  4. Anyone intetested in tooning up with their leopard 1 so I can maybe see what i'm doing wrong here?

    It's probably 80% my playstile with it, but has corridor meta left this thing behind? Seems like there is only 2-3 maps that don't force me to brawl.

    It feels like this tank is cursed, 2350 wn8 and 50.5% wr...

    I transfered my e100 crew into my leo1 and retrained skills. So my e100 doesn't even have 6th sense, and i can play my e100 without sixth. Before the map changes i remember trying that in my 100 and it didn't end well. Are maps just getting "dumb" ?


    I.  LOVE this tank but I hate it at the same time.

    I do good dmg in it, good (at least I think so) dpg. I try and try but for the love of god I can't carry in this thing (as seen in my wr with it).


    I think I need at least 3000 dmg with it cause my dmg isn't as concentrated to 1flank but it's all over the map, so my dmg basicly goes unnoticed. 


    Anyone on EU willing to toon up for a couple of games and show me wtf I'm doing wrong with it (probably everything)?

    Will post some replays later if anyone wants to take a look.

    any help would be very welcome!


    The tank in question is the leo 1 :)

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