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  1. grinding ru251 recently, if u got interest of making platoon, then reply me here.
  2. when do u usually go online...only saw u once...
  3. im a EU server player and now im helping my friend to grind the Leopard1 in NA server, and now its VK2801 and maybe somedays later it comes to t7 lt. Its a little bit hard to keep the win rate so high so looking for some friends here to play together. i do not really care abt the win rate or WN8, that means if u want i can not shoot but just go spot. actually want a happy time~ ts could use and silence also acceptable. If u wanna play some arty or also grinding some lines, just reply here, i will watch everyday. becoz of the jet lag,i almost play it in the morning or noon or aftersoon. i wont ask u to go here go there, it sucks. just a HAPPY time with normal win rate and stats! thats all. thx for reading this, have a nice day. His ID in NA server is Michael_Weedmann, dont see the stats, he is a NOOOOB.....write it here is just in case u disaccept my friend request. xDDD
  4. can add me, helping friends to grind Centurion recently, maybe could together
  5. wow look who is this_ do u have interest on joining my clan ? and have interest on platoon with me ? kek
  6. hello, easy add me or i will send a friend request to u, can make toon when we all soloing~
  7. thank you endix, i have waited for two days long and it finnally shows the tank stats...so i add u as friend in game and just easy invite? i saw u played ****** good on E50, teach me how to use that thanks thanks thanks!!!
  8. so usefull and full of love in it, i believe it could help me a lot, thanks
  9. hello, recently im playing t9 or t10 tanks, most E50 obj907 E5 amx30, and looking for some mates to make a platoon. but the problem is that i always platoon with an arty(ID: Boesejing), and since then the friends who i always platooned dont like to platoon with me any more, and only me and arty make the game a little bit hard to win for us. so looking for friends here who dare to platoon with us. better if u are a meds or t8 lts player then the arty wont ruin ur game much, hope u have almost the same stats, and im not the "commander" of the platoon, u can do whatever u want or go whatever u like, ts can be used or not. hope here has some players who are not afraid of platooning with an arty -_- btw who can tell me how to make my tank stats showed in the left side - -
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