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  1. From my 75-pack (new year): i got all the low tier premiums, all the skins, and one tier 8 premium: The Object 2-gun. I got just over 3 million credits, and 27k gold, plus 51 days prem. All in all, it's not bad. Got about my money's worth. I was hoping for the SU-130PM - i'm not particularly interested in the twin-gunner, but i expected i'd get the 2-gun instead (because me). Oh well. Certainly better than a kick in the butt.
  2. Can't speak for others, but i know what the reference is. Would have been better if i added "One is bad enough", but i thought of that just now, sooooo... yeah. I'm bad @ jokes, but i think it's still better to try, than to not do any at all. Hey, at least i might make people laugh now and then at how bad they are...
  3. ... A tier 2 wheeler. That's like a "You win! (but not)" type of prize. Tier 2, goddammit, no one - I hope it's just the "Merry whisky happy new sisi, here's a free tank for logging in" gift. That would make more sense, since those are usually crappy little t2 tanks anyways.
  4. Someone at WG felt it was necessary to add some ruin to tier 7s. "Not enough garbage going on at tier seven. It's getting too popular; we need a control measure."
  5. This is the alpha test of how they will fix all the problems with WoT - OP tanks, UP tanks, gold round complaints, Russian bias, bad maps, all of it. This is the future of WoT.
  6. I get that there's a growing fascination with Chernobyl, but this is ridiculous.
  7. There's a 4h cooldown to change your map choice(s), so unless you would be planning to play that same tank for 4h, (or similar-playing tanks, which could also be a thing) then it wouldn't work anyways.
  8. Nah. They'll do even better: Introduce a brand-new, never-before-discovered super secret project just released from old Soviet development files tank that one-ups this tank. And it'll be a medium. And will manage to still perform in tier 10 games, despite being in tier 8. This, people, is the start of the next phase of planned powercreep.
  9. You'll hit more often because improved accuracy! Think of the bonus! More of your shots will bounce, instead of missing. But this is how WG rebalances tanks. Buff non-Soviet tanks without actually making them better. (Except for the AMX. We'll see if this goes through unscathed.)
  10. I suspect you misunderstand these forums. This isn't the "WG is out to screw us and Wot's going to hell" forum. It's more like "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT WG! If you're going to get in the games industry would you at least make the effort to understand your own game and get it right instead of throwing it in the gutter?!!" forum. 'Cept they don't read here. At least, no one that can actually do something about it.
  11. Almost 4 years later... Still a very bland tank. I got a 61% wr in it, but i can't ever achieve a great game in it, unlike my T-34-85. Never got any sort of award in it. Not bad, not good. Just utilitarian. Boring.
  12. In soccer (football) players actually use their feet for more than just an occasional kickoff. The ball gets propelled most often with feet, hence FOOTball. American football rarely uses feet to propel the ball - it gets carried or passed by throwing. Most often it gets around with attempts at carrying the ball once caught. It should be called carryball or passball. Despite being North American, i quite like carryball myself. Especially the reactions to that term.
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