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    Pick up a Boltor Prime set from trading for easy mode starting off. Generally ~30-50P Run a crapton of low level survival missions for at least 20 min each to level up weapons and frames. Save plat for buying potatoes and warframe+weapon slots.
  2. Fluent: English + Mandarin Can swear in and understand abit of: Hokkien/Taiwanese + Canto
  3. Learning steps for me (in chronological order): 1: Weakspots 2: Map Knowledge 3: Tank Characteristics 4: Basic Brawling skills 5: Use of crew skills/equipment/consumables/ammo types 6: Effective usage of Armour 7: Effective usage of Camo Mechanics+Vision Mechanics 8: Enlightenment of using mobility as a weapon 9: Effective use of terrain as cover 10: Managing tank soft stats, Optimising crew and equipment for each individual tank 11: Using HP as a commodity to trade with the enemy, not for feeding to the enemy to boost their stats I was about Step 6 when I left NA for SEA.
  4. USD, but it was the (5 or 6 day I can't remember) free vacation to Shanghai (WCG vacation team lol) that was totally worth it.
  5. I'm the guy in the middle next to Batman. (Pic from EB Expo 2013 in Sydney, WCG 2013 Qualifiers)
  6. 6'3, 18 yo azn. 'wtf' is what pops into most people's mind when they first meet me irl.
  7. The reason the 13 90 stays relevant is simply because of the 1440 avg burst potential which makes it viable in any tier. MM screws you and puts you as the only T8 LT in a T10 game? No problem, just use amazing invisi-ninja skills and go shoot some 10s for unexpected damage. Like in the Mountain Pass replay up above, that Maus didn't see me as a big threat when he overextended, it cost him dearly because I had a clip. That's why autoloaders and their burst are misunderstood. Some people overestimate you burst potential and cower behind a corner even while you reload and bluff, others
  8. Guess you have to wait for 9.3 when other T8 LTs come out. Or get a WZ-132 if you like continuous DPM, that thing is basically a 13 90 with a center mounted turret and a ~4-5 sec reload on a 200 damage gun. But it fires HEAT at 230 pen only, rage sold mine because I couldn't snipe and pen as well as a 13 90. 100mm sucks dick in terms of DPM compared to the 85mm, but is a viable option if you like APCR better.
  9. Examples (9.0 replays, still works with 9.1 I think): https://www.dropbox.com/s/495q4aja3ndj69a/20140526_2253_france-AMX_13_90_44_north_america.wotreplay https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgks75l26rvg2zh/20140517_1315_france-AMX_13_90_43_north_america.wotreplay https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3i77afef67refg/20140528_1733_france-AMX_13_90_37_caucasus.wotreplay
  10. In my 13 90, I shoot half aimed with APCR flying into his face, doesn't matter if you don't hit or bounce a few, as long as they don't hit you back, you gonna be fine. This is coming from someone with over 500 games in 13 90 and padded 1700+ DPG on a T8 LT.
  11. Well worth it, get the Bat anyway simply because it's a yolo burst med. Like the 13 90? You will fall in love with the Bat. Lorraine is a garbage faster version of a 50 100 at T9, don't bother with it.
  12. WG want more action for the playerbase complaining on the invisi-tank camp situations on most maps, hence the changes to favour CQC so less people will complain about getting owned by camoed tanks. Brawling skills now come into good effect on how well you can trade damage, view range abusing tanks will now have to actually run around and relocate after they are lit to prevent getting their asses owned. So far these changes are somewhat pleasant but I do agree in the sense that I don't play my Bat or Leo as much as before since half the maps don't really favour paper meds or lights anymore
  13. u wot m8? Tiger P is shit?? no wai........ My most played tank, literally the best carry at T7 only rivaled by the T29. No joke, this thing is OP against dumb reds. As the other guys mentioned above: Step 1: Approach pubbie corner Step 2: Shoot pubbies Step 3: ????? http://www.wotreplays.com/site/977052#highway-comix-pzkpfw_vi_tiger_p Replay above shows how dumb pubbies can be and how the Tiger H is clearly not made to brawl lol.
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