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  1. It's spam Waffle E-100s, E3s, E4s, 268s, Deathstars, and M53/55s or get rekt. Not really dynamic IMO.
  2. Lol Tier 10 tds still have 850 alpha, while retaining the increased fire rates they got on pc after the rebalance. They also nerfed the centurion 7/1 for some reason. GG WoT Console.
  3. Type 59 hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKcX0sVaEZk
  4. Not my kind of tank. The B2 however...yummy
  5. I'm not a part of the word processor master race
  6. using consumables Also learning to retreat and not going to flanks by yourself
  7. I'm a lowly console scrub new to wotlabs. Hello all. My xbox gamer tag is AnonymousHobo69.
  8. What's up?

    1. SpartacusDiablo


      What's up Hobo! Looks like the cool kids have a new hang out.

    2. AnonymousHobo69
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