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  1. Picked up a Type 59. It is one hell of a tank. Very bouncy. Decent mobility, okay gun, and mediocre top speed. Unfortunately every match I've been in the red arty has a boner for me. I also forgot how much not having sixth sense absolutely sucks in a tier VIII match. In short it is a well rounded tierVIII premium for a damn good price. It'll make you sliver like crazy. A bad game brought me 40k without a premium account. The best I've done was a little over 100k. Keep in mind I'm an average player and that is without premium time. Take it from this console peasant green bean. B
  2. Loving these photos folks. Keep em' coming or I'll have to go on a Tomcat posting spree!
  3. Speaking of what should have been. This would have been a far superior platform to the Super Hornet. Thank for royally fucking Grumman over Dick Cheney... I believe NASA still has one of those beauties still flying.
  4. Congrats on the promotion LadyO! You do a great job and I hope that you got a nice increase to go with your promotion. Tell you what. For a nice 80k a year I will happily come take over your old position.
  5. I understand and agree with all that you have said. My point is that the growth of the mobile market and the increase in mobile capabilities may at some point in the near future allow the mobile platform to do all and more then the PC or Console can do now. Just look at the current growth of the mobile market. Who's to say where we'll be at in 3-5 years.
  6. Next question. What do you think is the possibility of Blitz at one point eclipsing both Console and PC as the gaming platform of choice? I ask this because of the rapid advancements in mobile platforms. Currently you can play through your mobile device onto a TV with a controller. I believe Windows 10 owners also have keyboard and mouse functionality. Given the relatively low initial cost of owning a mobile device (contracts allow the cost to be spread out over a long length of time) when compared to a PC or Console do you see the mobile device becoming the WoT platform of choice in the
  7. Thank you. That was a good read. Shame I've put a decent amount of money into WoT Xbox already or I might be convinced to switch. I really don't have any want to start my progress over again.
  8. Well I've got a wife so I can keep both hands on the controller.
  9. I'm genuinely curious. There seems to be a bit of disdain for the console by the PC community. I'd like to know why. If you could coherently explain why I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. The Bone is amazing. I'm definitely a fan.
  11. Sorry man but I'm just not a fan of the F-35. We could and should have done so much better.
  12. Snort Snodgrass is a legend in Naval Aviation. https://youtu.be/5n0EdP64hEE I saw it fly as a kid out at Edwards. What an amazing aircraft.
  13. When you are out of Tomcats you are out fighters All good things must come to an end...
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