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  1. Shame, I liked your script and it was a lot better than WG's styling. And the new one is even worse.
  2. We do, it's simply called the Cromwell Knight and has a British Flag skin. WGA's answer to balancing is to brush it under the carpet and pretend it's not an issue.
  3. They could certainly learn how to optimize a game to run effectively on the hardware.
  4. For me it's a choice of nessesity. I have a laptop that has a dedicated graphics card. WoT PC doesn't support my GPU (at all It would seem) and so WoT PC runs like shit. World of Warships 1080p everything on low : 60fps constant Armoured Warfare 1080p Everything on Low : 60fps constant War thunder 1080p everything at mid-high : 60fps constant World of tanks 720p Everything else on the lowest possible setting : 20 fps and looks like garbage. Congrats on the dogshit optimization and support guys. Thus, console is a necessity. Game runs smoothly and doesn't look l
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