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  1. Hey guys, just want to make everyone involved in creating e peen metrics that Wot console has released some new data points. I know it's only console, and I don't know how impactful the new data points will be, but it's a start. Example
  2. We used Orries until WG changed the website. It no longer works.
  3. Yeah I dont know where I got the V from. Thats funny, Ill fix it. Heres a 4X-JPA
  4. On the console forums, there is a thread pretty much like this, and we have a guy who was actually an RAF F-4 pilot. I'll have to try and go find some stories for you guys.
  5. Technically a ground effect vehicle or ekranoplan, but I'll let it slide because the Caspian Sea Monster is sweet
  6. The M3 Ledledledledledledle
  7. We can play with four friends. But in all reality, we pretty much play the same game, want to blow up tonks etc. No need for the hate, besides, I play on a 360, I know its a pos.
  8. The only mods i know are the ones that ban me on a semi consistant basis. Phone, mind, maybe they fap to tanks, idk.
  9. Maybe not proportionally, but here are some big engines:
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