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  1. Any replacement for tanks.gg armor model ? trying to check the swedish medium after coming back from a break and the models are broken on it. 

  2.  How can i compare the stats of the wheely boys with or without cruise mode or whatever it's called ?

  3. And 6 months was actually fast from WG part tbh. It's way too late to nerf gold round, they need to massively rethink maps and tank balance before they do anything to gold rounds. Hell they needed to do this proposed changed when it made sense, basically just before the E5 nerf, this is when the game was not saturated by armored meta tanks. They just missed that time.
  4. Mastery badge at tier 10 are really hard even if you are godlike you will need a lot of games. I would go with something with low standard pen and play it full gold. T-54, E50 and M46 Patton come to mind, something with flexibility so you don't get screwed over. You definitely need a really strong tank. Skoda T50 could be a good contender also.
  5. @hazzgar I like how you're giving me EVERY SINGLE advantage of the M6 but not all the P.43Bis advantage. The turret rotation and track traverse alone make this tanks twice as mobile as an M6, not even mentionning the 10kp/h (vs 20)reverse speed which makes the M6 slugish on brawling.. I don't even know why you started to compare this tank to an M6 ? One of the streamer you keep mentionning told you ?The P.43 goes twice as fast on the field as an M6. You can't bring an M6 to where you bring a P.43Bis.. You can't bring 240 alpha on the medium side.. Maybe you can brind a vk30.01p but not an M6 so.. I don't understand you're point of comparision. Ps: i can't disagree to the fact that the T7 is better tier for tier. But's it's also amazing so it's hard to compare. Also i think T7 has better MM than T6 (imo).
  6. @hazzgar you have 140 pen at tier 6. Why do you need gold ? I finished with like 1.5k dpg with like 10% gold (if even..) i did run food thought like all tier 5 tanks and above. Tanks.gg has armor details again. Did any of you check the armor ? Someone mention M6. But did you see that it has better armor than an M6 ? One goes 50 the other 35.. Everybody has it's own opinion i guess but it's clearly in the top 3 of tier 6 tanks imo. People complain about shell velocity and i agree but it's only and issue in a few shots every few games unless completely sniping from the back. which is probably why people complain about the penetration also...
  7. This is the first tank that came out where i'm like : "No.. No.. it's a mistake some stats are just false.. It can't be"
  8. 640$ on fittings alone Good luck on the build mate. Did i miss it, i see no GPU ?
  9. I just witnessed a women next to me on the plane trying to fit TWO female buckle together for 5 minutes.. it was just too funny to say anything..


    Once she understood she needed a male side she was trying to fitted to the wrong side of the female buckle !


    Sometime life is an amazing thing to witness. :P

    1. Folterknecht


      Will she be able to reproduce?

    2. Haswell


      Nah, she'll probably start protesting for gender neutral and non-binary seatbelts, male buckles oppressing female receptors, etc.

    3. orzel286



  10. It has better dispersion and gun handling than the 5A
  11. It has comparable gun handling to a t-35-85. One has 180 alpha and the other 240. I'm sorry but for the gun you get the handling was very very good.
  12. Waouh ! This tank is a god send after the tier 5. I personally free xp the 90mm which after the tier 5 debacle with its 75mm was straight out mandatory imo, and it's fairly cheap on free xp. The gun, O-M-G. 240 alpha gun is really good, the two other medium that get a 90 and 88mm at this tier “only” have 220 alpha so this is actually the biggest (non derp) alpha gun on a medium platform (the other two being the Skoda T40 and the VK 30.01 P), and the enemy can feel it because you have the soft stats to back it up. Compared to the other two you have relatively bad dispersion at .4 compared to .38 and aim time is .1s slower but the softs stats is where this thing shine, you globally have better softs stats than the other two with 7 deg of gun depression, trust me this thing aim really fast and lands shots no problem. And since you have 2k dpm you won’t have trouble killing your enemy extremely fast. Mobility is a bit behind the other two with 15hp/t but you have better tank rotation and turret traverse with its decent ground resistance. Simply put, it’s no slouch. As far has the armor goes I wasn’t able to checked on tanks.gg so I don’t have any number but it’s fairly good, there aren’t a lot of armored medium at this tier but it’s definitely in the top 3 with all the T34-85 variant. It has 80mm of armor on the turret which is flat so not very good but the hull is 80mm of slopes armor so you can bounce a lot and even more when you are using some depression. Plus the 50mm of side armor allow you not to get overmatch at every corner which is a plus. You find the same weakness from tier 4 to 7. Shell velocity is atrocious at 700m/s (which is in line with the other gun of this class but much less then the lower caliber you can find at this tier) ! TL;DR : Don’t skip this tank ! Imo it’s probably one of the best tier 6 atm. Definitely a keeper.
  13. I did forget to talk about the shell velocity which is pretty poor, altough tier 4 map rotation is usually pretty close range.
  14. The tank was just straight out trash if there is one tank to free xp, it’s here. I wasn’t expecting it to be any good so I free xp all the module to get through it faster. After a few games I went into tanks.gg to understand what the hell was going on. I compared it to the tier 4 and it has the most marginal all around buff they could ever do. The gun is marginally better with an incredible buff of 40 dpm from 1638 to 1678! Wouhou !! Pop the Champaign bois ! You gain 0.02 dispersion only to lose 0.1sec aim time.. And also you lose the 70mm HE pen the tier 4 had, you can always load the second gun but you lose in all other category basically plus you’re at tier 5 now with it’s very crappy MM, Probably the second worst tier after tier 8 to play right now. You can’t meet tier 3’s now and tier 4’s are really rare. Welcome to the big boy’s world, tier 7 all day every day. Mobility is the same, you gain 2kp/h only to lose 1hp/t. Then you gain in all the rest category like all tier 5, some hp buff and 20m view range (at 350m now). Remember that this tank is competing against tank like the T-34, the M4, the Chi-nu or the PZ IV. It’s completely outclassed, imo.
  15. Simply put, the tank is amazing. You are sporting a 75mm gun with the standard 110 alpha with 97 penetration. The reload is not too bad, the aim time is okayish at 2.2sec, dispersion is okayish since it’s still a tier 4 (still 0.4..). Edit: it does have one weakness, the shell velocity is really poor and you will notice it with a few tanks down the line aswell. But what’s so good about it ? You are sporting 70mm penetration with your HE(from 97 with AP) with 175 damage every 4s, you go from ~1.6k dpm to ~2.6k when penetrating, and you penetrate A LOT. You basically murder any tier 3 and 4 with ease and basically two shot them most of the time. And when you need to use AP you still have a fast firing gun with decent gun handling for it’s tier. Armor is nothing to write home about but you still have 50mm from the front and 40 to the side so you don’t get overmatch or penned by derp gun (unless other P26/40 ) Also the low tier matchmaking (tier 1 to tier 4) has been amazing ever since the 3/5/7 it’s basically +1/-1 MM all the time, you see a lot of lower and same tier battle, tier 5 battles happen but I can’t remember seeing a tier 6 during the grind. it's still tier 4 so the grind was really quick but the experience i had with it was very, very good.
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