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  1. Already have the VK and the 907...

    So 121B or M60 ?


    I feel like the 121B is a different flavor then the 121 while the M60 is just a worse M48 in all aspects.

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    2. DHP


      I don't actually care about equipment. I might not use the tank all that much but I still want it because reasons.. also 5k for an equipment when a tank is 4k seems unreasonable.

    3. Fulcrous


      M60 is worse than m48 in terms of armor but equal in everything else. 121b is inferior to the 121 in every way.

    4. king_spaniel


      I could see a scenario where you have the type 59 and T-34-3, so then with the 121b, you could power train a crew that could be (retrained &) used for the Chinese heavies - else Chinese meds are really meh in and of themselves.

      Or you could have the M60 to train your USA med crew (or heavy line).  

      There's alot more American tanks to play, but the Chinese heavies (113 and 5a) are super fantastic so just depends on whats in your garage and/or what crews u need.  That's how I would decide on these reward/late game tanks

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