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  1. Is it possible to get a TLDR of what happened in the last 2 years ? Just realised that there is new equipement and terrain modification. Also 

    Also what are some new good/OP line to play ? The last 3 lines left for me to complete are CZ heavy, Italian Heavy and polish medium. Any idea ? 

    Also why is every streamer seems to be using intuition ? Did they buff it of something ?  

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    2. DHP


      Good to know ! 

      Also what are these ? is there anything good coming up to use them on, or just "waste" them in the shop ? 


    3. Jul_Le


      Those are the yearly rewards for being in the game. There won't be new items, just use them however you see fit. I'd recommend to get bonds/bond equipment.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Yeah get bonds.

      Everything else you can somehow make up for, but bonds take a stupid long time to rack up.

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