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  1. Is it possible to get a TLDR of what happened in the last 2 years ? Just realised that there is new equipement and terrain modification. Also 

    Also what are some new good/OP line to play ? The last 3 lines left for me to complete are CZ heavy, Italian Heavy and polish medium. Any idea ? 

    Also why is every streamer seems to be using intuition ? Did they buff it of something ?  

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    2. Jul_Le


      Arties have 3 shells: Stun HE, normal HE, AP/HEAT.

      Stun HE has regular damage, large splash and stun. Can't kill modules or crew with non-pen. (Slow shell / high trajectory)

      Normal HE is like old arty, it has more damage, less splash and doesn't stun. (Normal speed / normal trajectory)

      AP/HEAT is back, but this time no 1600 alpha, for example T92 has 750 alpha 372 pen. (Fast shell / shallow trajectory)

      Arty tracers are more visible so countering is easier. Intuition got reworked so that you can switch shells with arty in few seconds. The flight time is shown in-game by default without using a mod.

      In practice, 98 % of the time arty shoots the default stunning HE anyway.

    3. Balthazars


      Should mention the main reason arty mostly fires the default stun round is because by 'less splash' on the higher damage HE round, they mean 'almost no splash' to the extent that misses do basically no damage. And, well, it's arty, so missing is still pretty common. Arty is also easier to dodge because of the tracers and because of the sound, you can hear the rounds coming in now if they are close to you which if you have mobility, you can kind of move and bit and dodge in some cases.

      For field mods, these are unlocked after you elite the tank, so you either have to grind more to earn further XP or use free XP. They are also available on premium/reward tanks (straight away as these are obviously elite from the get-go). On some tanks, these can dramatically change the way the tank can perform (for example, with the right field mods and equipment, you can make a Maus do 27kph forward). It also includes an alternate equipment and/or consumable and ammo loadout you can switch at the start of the battle during the count-in, and a second equipment bonus slot. Higher tier tanks get more levels of field mods to increase. Each increase level also comes with some static bonuses (usually to HP or engine power).

      Of the three lines you haven't done, the CZ heavies are the best, although only the 9 and 10 are good (the 10 is fairly OP). The 8 is mediocre and the 7 is awful. I've not done the other two lines but for the Italians only the 9 seems good (10 has awful DPM) but the mechanic is semi-interesting. For the Polish meds, the 10 is competitive (fastest medium) but that's more for clanwars than in pubs. The rest of the line seems meh.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      The game is now more focused on hulldown fight and sniping pixel sized weakspots (with gold, obviously, tough cookies if you try to fire standard).

      Some tank lines are useless (Italian heavies for example)


      Field mods opened up some interesting setups, but mostly for lights and TDs, MT field mods are a bit meh and heavies get some nice buffs as well (esp to mobility and view range), overall though, the descriptions are very misleading and generally it's better to pick terrain resistance and final accuracy buffs over the others.

      Game hasn't changed much, the gap between good and bad players is bigger now due to the aforementioned changes.

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