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  1. The thing about the lower plate on E5 is that: 1-Unlike E 100 or IS-7,it is hard to tell where exactly it begins,e.g.the upper part of the lower plate,right below the connection between upper and lower plate has 330mm of armor. 2-The lowest part of the lower plate,which naturally should be weakest, actually has 320 armor as well. And these troll people a lot. But apart from that ,I have been penned in the lower plate of my E5 by is-3s ,E50 etc,the rest of the lower plate is only 180-210mm thick. Pretty weak for a tier 10 heavy. You can try to angle and hope they go for outer part of the lower plate but the ammo rack it too vulnerable IMO. HD change?
  2. If you have to choose between them it is E5 right now.WG say they will nerf it,but WG is usually extremely slow to do stuff,so E5 may stay in the current state for half a year or more. But if you have credits for both,you will not be dissapointed with IS-7,I really like it. Actually Is-7 is one of the few heavies that don´t suffer from HEAT spam that much. I mean the turret,upper plate and upper side armor is so strong even HEAT can´t pen it while the lower plate is 230 armor so it doesn´t matter whether they shoot gold or not. On the other hand people are starting to realize they are not gonna penetrate E5´s weakspot without premium rounds.
  3. Where do you get those winrate curves from? I rember there were some on ftr when it was still running but they have to be like 1 year old,cdc wasnt even in the game back then.
  4. There is one reason you should not buy this and it´s called FCM 50 t.
  5. Angling E5?Like m103,this is bad idea,these tanks should not be angled.Anyway ,you can look at the lower plate values and it is around 180 to 200. http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/t110e5#tab:model Enough for some tier 8s to pen you.
  6. Are u one of the shit players who just load HEAT and expext to autopen?E5 doesnt work like that.That being said,yku are always priority target for arty,you hace low alpha etc,dont think is OP
  7. brun0_banani

    The M103

    I "like" people who shoot full gold at heavies and when they get shot back and penned.They cry about how their tanks lack armor.
  8. brun0_banani

    The M103

    My wn8 in m103 is 2800 for player with average wn8 of 1900.That is without premium consumables and with minimum gold ammo fired.So perhaps the m103 is not such horrible tank after all.
  9. brun0_banani

    The M103

    T32 has 0.41 accuracy and m103 has 0.37.So the difference is not 0.01 but 0.04.And that is noticable.What is even more noticable is the 58 extra penetration .Sure with t32 you can go hulldown against any tank,only to realize you can't even penetrate russian mediums with AP. The hull armor...I dont remember being penetrated by is-3 in upper plate,though I certainly agree that lower plate is weak.
  10. brun0_banani

    The M103

    Well,thanks to all the HEAT everybody shoots these days the true heavies are getting screwed .And that is the nice thing about m103,that it is not balanced around armor so that you dont end up crying when it just doesnt work because of premium ammo. I like m103 far more than t32.T32 is slow,it has bad penetration and accuracy,just a bad combo.
  11. brun0_banani

    The M103

    m103 actually has 1 degree better gun depression than conqueror.
  12. Actually that green zone in the upper part of the lower plate can be penetrated by 200 penetration guns and so can be the other two green zones.I have been penetrated there by is-3s quite reliably,so lorraine with 235 pen should be able to do so as well.
  13. The sad thing about this tank is that you don't even need to shoot gold at it.With 258 pen it is possible to pen front plates half of the time,plus the cheeks even at smallest angle are very easy to pen. As sirfoch(the youtube/streamer) pointed out the japanese heavies show what is wrong with wot.Arty and premium ammo.I guess without premium ammo the tank would at least be somewhat above average in games without arty,but all enemies need to do is press 2 twice and gg.
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