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  1. I feel like my number of spots in 1.0 is 50% higher than in 9.22, but my assist damage in tier 9-10 lights is about half of what I was getting before. Scouting now gives the team intel, but the old opportunities to rack up 5k spotting damage in the first couple minutes are all gone. Even spotting the crossing in Mountain pass is useless now. Because now, even if you can light deep, enemies either don't cross in the new open areas (Erlenberg) or are protected better by the terrain/cover. And if one of those are not true, the new campier game pace means none of the green team is in a posit
  2. Yeah, I heard they could mount rammer, too.. from some streamer or other. Or maybe it was in the recent dev Q&A.
  3. Hey man, we're friends through Soroosh. You're in my friends list... send me a platoon invite any time.

  4. RDL Reluuuuuuctaaaaaaa juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!
  5. I'm down. 2x the overextending, 2x the blaming the team. :-)
  6. OMG. Ranked meta is nonexistent. People do the strangest things. And forget assist damage, lights and batchat are basically impossible to play. Nobody will shoot at lit targets unless they are 50 or less meters away. It's pretty amazing. I tried IS-7, Super Conq, T100, and Batchat. Best luck was in Is-7 and being willing to push. It is a very campy mode even with all good (or at least well above average) players on the team.
  7. No, we think Type 5 is fine as is. We may buff it after analyzing more statistics, since they are easily outplayed by TVP VTU's.
  8. A platoon of 2 v4's driven by even moderately competent players willing to actually bomb it to the engagement makes for some pretty quick games. I just ran with them in a 140 and watched their flank/rear. 3 would be pretty much unstoppable, but I haven't seen it yet.
  9. I've seen lots of these. I have had no problem dealing with them. They try overangling to use the side armor, but there's always some of that huge pike nose visible so.... no problem.
  10. It's the Object 777 II isn't it? Basically a 113 with worse DPM in it's current form on Tanks.gg.
  11. If you want best feedback, you should post some average games. Getting feedback on your best game is not going to point out things that you consistently could improve upon.
  12. I fantasize about a tier 8 AMX ELC bis with 288 standard pen and 390 alpha damage. But with awesome gun handling. 10+ degrees of gun depression? And maybe some trollishly angled frontal armor. Oh well, we can dream.
  13. I guess you might switch with the scroll wheel only so you can maintain situational awareness and only use as much zoom as you need at the moment. I also only use shift but there is an annoying habit of the UI to switch the focus point to somewhere completely unrelated to where you are aiming (due to Dynamic Camera, maybe?) especially when you're near obstacles. So then once you hit shift, while that part of it is faster, then you have to mess around finding your target again. It's not a problem because I'll often do this behind cover and then peek while zoomed in, but that is a very annoying
  14. This little 122kb utility tells you if your system is vulnerable to Meltdown/Spectre, if you've been patched, and what else you might need to patch for full security. It also tells you whether your implementation of fixes impacts performance significantly and allows you to disable fixes if you want to A/B performance. 


  15. I'm going to try to keep up with the quality of responses here. Is the computer turned on?
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