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  1. Pleb wester here looking for some people to toon with and hopefully catch some of that unicorn dust. Got t8 prems and preferentials. Saving for my E-75 again and have an t110e5 for tier x that's about it. Send me invites if you don't think i'm too bad. Learning by doing.
  2. I just got my t110E5 and i'm suckiiiiiing so hard. The m103 was a dream compared to this for me. And i'm wondering if anyone can tell me what i'm doing right and wrong in this game so I can try to copy this behavior in my games, since I didn't notice myself going into an elevated god mode. http://wotreplays.com/site/2436785#karelia-stromwolken-m103
  3. Yup just realized i'm in idiot and didn't comb the forums thoroughly and just gotta wait till it fixes!
  4. Hi everyone newbie here to the Wotlabs forums, though I have lurked a little bit before signing up. Not the newest player but still no Tier X Seriously wanting to improve in my game play and wot better place the Wotlabs? PS: Where would I post a replay and ask for help/analysis? Or do I just do it here. Now I got a tier X Hurrayyy!
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