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  1. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTKmu-FXRCxZ1UFu6FbDHGA NAVi´s youtube channel.
  2. Yep lesser amount of good players in assault mode.
  3. Make him a purple poaster pls! This is too gud for this section.
  4. I think it is because Worstpoaster is overall purple, he then is target no. 1 for enemy arty(And other players as well). It is completely different from being a green player like yourself. I would estimate that you get 1/10th of the arty shots that he gets.
  5. "just an update, and sorry to rain on the schadenfraude: sela’s ban FOR USING MODS has been overturned; he’s no banned for 1 week for using an alt account. so those of you saying ‘cheat’: shove it up your arse, looks like WG doesn’t agree with you." -FTR

    1. seanas


      hey, that was me! mis-spelling and all!

    2. Euroboy_
  6. Lol yes already after 30k games on the RU-server.
  7. What about tomorrow? Sunday is my WOT day so it is the besterest day for stronk tanking. Sunday at 1pm?
  8. Gratz to Miros! New job!

    1. Private_Miros


      Now if only it wasn't an underpaid (but at least prestigious) internship. ;)

      Thanks mate.

      Might drop WoT mostly though, a lot of interesting people working with me. A lot of things to do.

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