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  1. Be on the lookout in random battles on the NA central server for this team griefer. He drowns his tanks at the very start of battles. Player name: UngerechtfertiVergeltung
  2. Tanks.gg shows the higher dpm gun as having better gun handling on turret rotation, hull rotation and after shooting. So the "accuracy" listed in the game is not exactly true.
  3. His overall w/r yes, but what about his w/r for the session when when the chart shows those peaks and dips? He was running a 45% w/r for 70 battles or whatever for the dips and then, all of the sudden, was winning at 65% for the peaks. A swing of 20 percent seems a bit extreme if all other factors are consistent.
  4. Reserved for pictures of your mom and this is her: Don't like it? Well, I got something for you right here: http://media.buzzle.com/media/images-en/gallery/symbols/hand-gestures/900-476890583-the-finger-hand-gestures.jpg
  5. Well it was a 1v1 fight where I lose the battle if I don't kill the enemy tank. He shot apcr at me as well. In pubs I would have fired the regular ammo at that tank. I would like to note that he was the one who started to insult me in the previous pub battle where he did around 800 damage total in his T32 and I had done over 2000 in my tank yet, somehow it was the fault of the players still alive and fighting that we were probably going to lose since the enemy had twice as many tanks left at that point. I never start this crap but I do like to finish it.
  6. Some random pubby was saying stats didn't matter and that his sub 300 xp/avg/battle means nothing at all. Then he says he wants to 1v1 me in a training room so I accepted. Here is the replay: https://youtu.be/OfhHcCmy8pY
  7. I have around 100 battles played in mine so far and mostly all have been solo and seem to be doing ok in it. It relies on allies to protect you after you dump your clip and are reloading so if you play it during evenings and/or weekends don't expect good results in a tank like this with a bunch of bots on your teams every battle. I have played around 4 battles in it in a platoon and this is where the tank really excels. Having one or two allies that you can count on really helps with this auto loader tank. They can protect you while you re-load and also tank shots so you can dump your clip on
  8. What is wrong with pubbies these days? Uploaded to wotreplays.com Replay The "hackusation" pm's below:
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