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  1. Dying of holiday-warrior-itis

  2. "I didn't know that round, red-coloured fruit could talk!" "You sir, just got your Jimmies Rustled" In response to "Woody noob!" - "Mate, if I'm a noob and you just got killed by me, what the hell are you?" To "hacker!" - "Damn! You finally found me out!" "Yep, I call them /skill and /stronkcamo" "U jelly?" Woody
  3. I generally don't like to BM, but when I do I make sure I'm counter-trolling. It comes with the clan I suppose. 'Woody gold amo noob' - "I can afford it, can you?" 'Woody cheater' - "/bush_hack=on" 'Woody noob' - "You're dead, I'm not" 'Chaffee hacker noob' - "Cry moar, princess. U no c me?" Are a few examples. I usually let my imagination run wild with insults. Woody
  4. Would there be a massive outrage and shitstorm if they knew you had been permabanned? Woody
  5. I didn't exactly sign up as a job, but I could give it a go. Did they like you over on the NA forums? (sounds awful, sorry, but it's the only way we got Miros back) Woody
  6. We got Miros' permaban lifted on the EU forums. Well done all of you lot, and thanks to Miros for sticking with us. All hail wibble! Woody
  7. True. Miros did an experiment way back on the official forums, where he compared his stats where he was platooning to his stats where he wasn't. You'll have to ask him if you want to dig out the whole topic but I think he sacrificed lots of WN6/7 for a small amount of WR (+2% I think) when he platooned, rather than his normal stats. I'd rather have 200 more WN7 than 2% more WR if you ask me. Doesn't stop me tooning though. Woody P.S. Nice to finally meet the mighty, arty-hating Garbad
  8. Heyo mate, I'm back tanking (and foruming) after an extended break due to exams and lots of coursework/essays to write. It's been 5 months since I tanked/flew (on WT). Anyway, try to ignore these trolls. If I were you however, I'd make a signature just for him - 'Major jealous asshat above, avoid at all costs' or something along those lines. Try to make it funny but not offensive enough to be given.a warning for; so I've just completely contradicted my own idea. Never mind. It would be funng to see his reaction, after getting what he wants but it being the opposite of what he wants. ;-)
  9. Good job mate! Good to see someone in the same boat as me Woody
  10. I managed to pick up a Steel Wall in my ISU by getting a computer crash when I was getting into a sidescraping position Computer died on me and when I got it back up two minutes later, I found myself being perma-tracked by a Tiger II, no damage taken... 5,5k potential damage received... Woody
  11. Just had a pretty awful streak of games, which is odd seeing how well I've been doing lately. So, first up I did as I usually do - start doing the x2s on my tier 6s: T-34-85, 1,854 damage, 2,152 spotting damage - loss. Hellcat, 2,068 damage, 618 spotting damage - loss. So, after two monster losses like that, I decide to have a platoon with my new clanmates and drop the tiers a bit - so I get a toon going with Ulfarr and piritskenyer. Marder II, 348 damage, 112 spotting damage - loss. M2 Medium, 538 damage, 718 spotting damage - loss. (pirits leaves) M22 Locust, 540 damage, 285
  12. Beat you, Siimcy My first game was 4,8k damage, 1,349 XP and only Mastery 1st Class. After that I just started failing - can't even maintain a 60% WR in this incredibly OP machine. Woody
  13. It's not spam. Ilosz has spent a lot of time making this magazine which he gives out for free. Although not technically 'official' it has been promoted by WG and they're very happy to let him do it. Just a question, Ilosz - can you make it downloadable for mobiles? Most of my forum work is on my mobile and I'd love to read your magazine as well on here. I could get issue #1 but the later ones haven't been compatible. Woody
  14. *scribbles down notes on old tatty note pad* Expect your house door to be knocked down and you sent to isolation for the rest of your life tomorrow morning. Woodeh
  15. 2,154 XP non-premium, non-bonused in my Chaffee. Best game I've ever had, 4,500 damage, 5,200 spotting damage, against mostly tier 8+. Woody
  16. http://wotreplays.com/site/354558#karelia-woody1999-fcm36_pak40 Not quite a picture, but you can flick through the results screens. Have a guess what happened. Watch the replay if you want, but be ready for 5 minutes of waiting for an enemy T18 to make a misktake. Woody
  17. Mate, don't worry. I'm considered as one of the worst posters on both the official forums and here, and I still give my opinions. Keep at it, just don't be so opinionated - works for me Woody
  18. I can't help it! I've been to mental health clinics, medium tank obsession clinics, clan members, forumites members, you name it....I am obsessed with th...thi...this BEAST of a tank! I have almost 300 games played in this bad boy, running it with more than 10% higher WR than my overall, and I just can't stop playing it! J...just that gun! That mobility. That armor! That gun depression! That gun mantle.. That terrain resistance! That awesome beast! Wh..wh...one shot! The gun! K..k...kills everything! Just one shot! No aiming, no reloading, just derping! What's wrong with me?! Why is it
  19. Jesus christ! I am never tooning with you again...dat not-so-nice face.. I hear you laugh and you sound like a bubbly guy, in that you look like a paedo Woody
  20. Better get rid of this post before I cause World War III..
  21. They would only use two because the TOG is just too slow to be situational in a tournament. The M6 has to be there as a fast response tank, for example if they started capping or if something nasty was spotted on the other side of the map. KV-1S, Hellcat, T-34-85 would be good for this as well. Woody
  22. Just to let all of you guys know, I've just got my final warning from the trainee moderator RogDodgeUK because I apparently offended someone by calling myself an ass. Managed to wriggle my way out of a 30 day RO but now on 9 warning points, of which I got 4 from starting this Miros outcry, so next move will get me banned. Must be good for the next 3 months so I can get my warning points lowered a bit.. Woody
  23. I'm even happier to see a purple WR in my statistics, seeing as I am still a tomato to XVM... Join teh club!
  24. I like some of the various descriptions of a 'siemka' and the odd description of what is in their real garage cracks me up now and then.. The only other sigs worth looking at are statistic sigs, which are good to look at, but not exactly funny.. Woody
  25. >.< Am I supposed to be living up to something here? Woody
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