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  1. Yeh this was actually surprisingly easy. Also arty seems to have gotten way more accurate and less rng, even for this Russian Arty. Suddenly makes sense why I get sniped from wherever when I'm playing T10s Almost completed the full stug Arty missions in 2.5 hours, way less bad than I expected this to be.
  2. So I've decided I'm going to start working on my missions and unfortunately that means playing arty. Ugh. i have the SU-122A unlocked from days of yore when arty seemed like a cool concept and also a fully elites S-51. Obviously I want to play the minimum amount of artillery needed for missions. Are these arties viable? Or am I going to spend so much time playing them with what I gather is a lot of derp shots that I'll wish I just grinded my way into another arty line? Thanks!
  3. Considering a grind to this as I really enjoy my T71 and Bat12t, but I want a tier 10 light that works and this seems the best candidate. Also I already have a crew from Type 64. How is the line in general from Tier 6 onward (I'll definitely free xp the low tiers, not interested in low tier gameplay)? Any stinkers or real bad stock guns, etc? Cheers
  4. No idea what I was fucking thinking grinding this line. The SU-122-54 hits like a wet noodle in a world full of Grille-line stuff. Ugh.
  5. I take back what I said about the SU101 not being *that* bad. Can't wait to be out of this fucking thing.... no wonder no one wants to finish this grind, it's the worst I've ever endured and I skipped all the way to T8 Edit: And the SU-122-54 is just a bad Obj 704? Great.
  6. Thanks for the link, watching now. still, top 10 for CW of *every T10* can't be that shit
  7. A reply in the quick questions/answers thread listed the 263 as one of the tier Xa that are played in CWs. If it's as poor as is being indicated here then why is it being run in CWs? onto the good gun on the SU101 now, feels like playing most rumeds except with no depression. Mega frustrating at times but has speed, camo and dpm, doesn't seem that bad at all (me being shit notwithstanding, still had a fair few great solopub carries in it)
  8. Haven't played for a while, what happened to the 50B? How come the 215b, obj 263, and e3 are being used? I don't remember those tanks ever being that highly regarded (other than maybe the 215) and still don't seem to be according to posts im reading on wotlabs, what am I missing?
  9. Thanks guys, sounds worth grinding for. Starting at SU101 of course!
  10. Alternative question - I was out of the game for the light tank overhaul, are there any lights that play like a light/medium/"lightium"? Might be something different I've not played before.
  11. Since I posted this Ive been reading up on the Swede TDs and it seems like this is probably just inferior. Any reason to grind it when I could grind Swedes for a similar role TD?
  12. With the current tanks, T10 gold spam, maps, general meta, and whatever tbe state of the tank is (i havent played for a few patches) is it worth getting? Ive always liked the look at it and I'm prepped for the horrible grind but dont want to endure it and waste time/gold if its not worth it at the end.
  13. I have various lines at T7/T8 but because I play quite infrequently, I'm not sure what tanks are good and/or worth at the moment so bot sure what to do next. I mostly solopub. I've had the T-62a since release and I love it, and play it a lot. I like the rumed playstyle. I also have the AMX50B which I enjoy for a Fast Heavy. I've considered the 110E5 but I dont know if it's past its prime now, and I dont know if I'm going to be disappointed with other T10 mediums than the T62a when I get to them that they just aren't as... Russian. Any recommendations on something which is fun and good to aim for next?
  14. Hi Guys I'm running at 2k WN8 in my AMX50B give or take, and I'm playing it like dogshit, frankly. A large part of this is due to general inexperience with the game (particularly positioning and map knowledge of certain maps) but also a large part is down to just not knowing what to do in certain situations with this tank. My average games are not 2k WN8 games, they're either 3k+ games or 600 games, so I feel like I'm capable of a lot more but I have a lot to learn. I feel like I either play like a baller or a shitter and never anything in between, but I always feel that the bad games are because I literally have no idea where I should be or how to fight the enemy I'm facing (T10 med swarms particularly). I especially have problems with super awful pubby teams that disintegrate and lead me to getting out 0-1 clips before being swarmed, but I feel like when I dont play semi-aggressive at least I dont ever get out the early clip that makes this tank shine (and accounts for a lot of its DPG) so I feel like I'm stuck in indecisive limbo there. I've Youtubed a set of 5 random games I played along with a stream-of-consciousness as to what I'm thinking as I'm playing. All comments appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYUExhrHtYQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OswnMWmEZ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acs8AYzqgJk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ag3Z9jWgjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fltkXyFtTIQ Thanks in advance!
  15. I just dont get this tank. Its mega frustrating to play. When it works, it.s easy to push 3.5-6k dmg. But it's so ridiculously team dependant. Even after switching to Optics from GLD you still need team help to spot or distract to get any damage in, and way too many of my games end in 1 clip or less being fired befre I get rushed (often right past my team, or with my team able to help and not doing, etc) The only alternative I can see is to play mega passive and snipe, but that isnt possible on many maps anymore and in any case doesn't get you much damage. I'm still yet to find "bad" replays posted by anyone. Every video people point to as examples of how to play includes platooning. I'm honestly starting to think that this tank is awful solo if you want any kind of consistency and there doesn't seem to be any indicator that I'm wrong. Even at my mediocre skill level no tank should be this bad.
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