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    M48 Patton 4700 Combined = 87% MOE

    sub 4k DPG DansGame
  2. the camos will stay on the tank that you bought. If you had a T-54 lightweight at tier 8 it will be on the tier 9 version when you get that in your garage.
  3. Pompous_Magnus

    Statpad Tanks

  4. Pompous_Magnus

    Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK

    SERIOUS ANGER, I sense someone is a little self concise of their stats. Yeah dude for sure I love coming to WOT labs to tell people how trash they are. It really feeds my power complex.
  5. Pompous_Magnus

    Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK

    Suck at the game Use a lot of personal reserves Still suck at the game but, have reserves running. Complain on WOTlabs that RNG and WG are screwing you over. Profit????? Do I have this right???? Makes you think right? Maybe there is a connection?
  6. Pompous_Magnus

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    Can we UP the expected values of the E25?? That tank is a joke to play and the values are a joke. Plus Gasi_Tuno might actually end his life. Sounds like a win win.
  7. Pompous_Magnus

    Synergy between friends. Losing and Winning with Unicuns

    Last time I played with Luna he yoloed mid in WT E100 complained and then rage quit.
  8. Pompous_Magnus

    Final Progression

    Dia let me into bulba what a mistake that was. Iama m-m-m-m-m-miss you.
  9. Pompous_Magnus

    WGLNA Fantasy League

    You wish you could pick the true best player in the game.
  10. Pompous_Magnus


    "ok fuck me, everybody hates fag aggressor." -Mighty Mike
  11. secrets out, guess my career is over
  12. Pompous_Magnus

    5th Campaign request

    WEW, think i struck a nerve here. That was fast, if you want to have a safe space official forums should be more your speed.
  13. Pompous_Magnus

    5th Campaign request

  14. Pompous_Magnus

    Grille 15 analysis and suggestions

    http://imgur.com/a/DMfOi ^^^This is my recap of the game take it how you will. 1/10 for not killing chaiTuno
  15. https://clips.twitch.tv/trobsmonkey/CuriousCodCorgiDerp Bulba classic hospitality
  16. kwTsfC7.jpg

    LEGGGOOOO E3 3 marks.

    1. Kolni


      that one's truly cancer to do, probably the hardest non-reward tank MoE in the game, so wp :doge2: 

  17. They say we dont run the game, we do. -mawderator
  18. Pompous_Magnus

    I have no friends. :^(

    Dont worry i have no friends either, not after they ruin my triple kills.
  19. Thats all we needed to hear. I heard _FAM_ OTTER is looking for players just like you. RIP wrong sever but relevant meme.
  20. Thanks dude check out this piece of art https://www.twitch.tv/pompous_magnus/v/89602025