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  1. SgtRicko

    World of Codes

    Thanks buddy, got the code!
  2. SgtRicko

    World of Codes

    Do you still have that copy of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon? I guess I'll give it a shot... even though I know how poorly it was received by the fanbase.
  3. SgtRicko

    World of Codes

    ...I don't get it. :/
  4. Even more baffling was the small unit caps, and the fact that some of the Petroglyph developers working on EaW happened to be former Westwood, Command &Conquer-era alumni. You'd think they'd be wise enough to channel in some of that C&C fun, but nope, nothing special about the ground combat whatsoever. Agree with you on the space combat though, they got that part right.
  5. Why has no one ever tried to make a proper, polished sequel to Star Wars: Rebellion is an absolute mystery to me. Heck it might actually be a pretty clever way to revitalize the 4X genre since it would attract alot of new blood.
  6. SgtRicko

    World of Codes

    Please, pleeeease tell me that Star Wars: Empire at War code is still good, I'd love to have that sucker in my collection again! EDIT: Dammit... the code's already been activated.
  7. As long as it's not Armored Warfare you'll be fine: my typical ping time in WoT averages around 190-240. It sucks since it makes using the speedier tanks much harder to aim with, as well as the ever annoying issue of the enemy ALWAYS getting the first shot off even if we have the same exact tank, but otherwise it's unnoticeable. World of Warships is even better, because not even once has the ping time affected my gameplay in the slightest (well, save for the occasional annoying ping spike). But if it's Armored Warfare...? Hoo boy, are you gonna notice the latency issues in that game.
  8. Well that's pleasing to hear. Can't speak much about the quality of AW's forum admins though. I began to avoid that place once I realized how frequently the same arguments and conspiracies were being recycled by fanbase carried over from WoT. Doubly so since the AW devs seemed to have decided upon their overall course for the game being a modern-day WoT clone but with more polish, and that any fancy ideas or features to make the game really unique weren't likely to be workable. To be fair, that's probably what everybody wanted to begin with; remember how many threads would appear pre-AW asking if Wargaming would make such a product? So I guess that could be a partial cause.
  9. ^Dear Lord, please don't. I'm basically gonna have to give the game up if that ever happens. @TheMostComfortableTanker : I've heard lots of people talk poorly about My.Com saying they're even worse than Wargaming in terms of product support, but I've never really heard of them before AW (keep in mind I'm American). Any stories or articles that might enlighten me?
  10. Seconding the Fox to be a bitch to drive. I'm pretty sure there's a few players who've already mastered it's driving mechanics and can use it for all kinds of crazy stunts against enemies (AKA everybody else I meet online), but when I'm behind the wheel the damned thing seems to over-compensate and spin out anytime I make a sharp turn on uneven or muddy terrain.
  11. Well at least I can take refuge in the fact that the NA server isn't likely to shut down anytime soon. Sucks for everyone else out here though... Odd, I would've thought the appearance of the Chinese arms dealer was implying that Obsidian was gearing up for a SEA server to be launched.
  12. SgtRicko

    World of Codes

    Anyone interested in a free Steam copy of Renegade Ops? Message me if you are, and I'll see what we could possibly trade or gift.
  13. Guess I'll have to be the voice of dissent, then. I'm from Guam (which is in the middle of the Pacific), and the average ping time is between 170-230. Add in how poorly Armored Warfare tends to deal with latency (especially in comparison to WoT), and anything higher then that will be downright unplayable. Which, by the way, I did get to experience during the Early Access period, and the result was ping averaging between 300-380 and sometimes as high as 450. Going against tank destroyers and AFVs there felt like dealing with no-scope console snipers from CoD. Plus, a surprising amount of players exist out here, but ultimately get turned off by said horrid ping times. I'm guessing that Obsidian and My.com are one day going to remedy the issue with a SEA server, but for now they're stuck trying to deal with the NA's poor latency. So... no. having a singular worldwide server would basically not include me, something I hope doesn't happen.
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