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  1. Audax_Bellator

    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    I completely forgot about the 9.2 buffs, a side grade in a great description though.
  2. Audax_Bellator

    Farwell Yue Yang, you beautiful bastard

    Some may argue the 704 is better than the 268 in its current state.
  3. So now that I'm in the process of getting divorced I no longer have to "hide" in my office playing WoT at night. Thank you ex wife for killing two birds with one stone.


    Life is grand

  4. Audax_Bellator

    For 1.01, what's better for HT 15.3, S Conq or Maus?

    I did it in the VK 300.01 . Just hid the tumor behind cover and angled. I baited 8k or so damage blocked from baboon pubbies
  5. Audax_Bellator

    Stats page

    Amazing how easy it is to ball park stats using someones ability to function like a human being
  6. Audax_Bellator

    Highlight and Lowlight of WOT 2017?

    Highlight, selling all my arty and seeing an improvement in skills Lowlight, still playing WoT
  7. Audax_Bellator


    You should request a account reset from WG and start over and change your account name as well, it's clear to me that they are out to ruin your fun and you need to get off their radar.
  8. Just wonder what is your equipment/crew skills/ammo load out? Might seem trivial but as they say the devils in the details.
  9. Audax_Bellator

    Elimination: Tier 10 - 2017 edition

    Gasp Could it be possible that somehow WG stumbled upon something close to game balance?
  10. Audax_Bellator

    PSA: long gaming/streaming/sitting sessions may kill you

    Well said. To assume that Poshy died from a DVT would be premature for certain but I think that some due diligence on some preventive steps for those who have marathon gaming sessions would be the point of this thread. Just Google "gamer dies from marathon session " and it will bring up several news stories about young people passing away from sitting to long while gaming. Most of us can't state that we have 100% healthy life styles and there will always be some sort of contributing factor that will be present. From my point of view I would just say please be careful and also be respectful enough of Poshy to not make assumptions on what were the if any contributing factors.
  11. Audax_Bellator

    Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK

  12. Audax_Bellator

    Chemotherapy tactics

    Tracking teamates with zero damage will also cause you to turn blue so I would imagine shots into teamates are counted as well into the penalty. On a side note if you want to drown a scumbag and don't want to suffer a penalty be careful and push them to a point where they can't move without slipping into a watery death but not beyond. It takes a subtle touch and a little practice. Great for use on Berts playing the middle road on Lakeville.
  13. Audax_Bellator

    Tanks gets stuck at 95% loaded into a map

    I had this issue a few patches ago. The game install was corrupt, for some reason it didn't have the Panther II in the file directory so every time a match had a Panther II 95% load then stop. I actually installed a new client in a diffrent file directory.
  14. Audax_Bellator

    New meta on Steppes or just bad luck?

    Because regardless of tank makeup or tier pubbies pick a spot to go as soon as they see the map and side. You just get back luck with the draw of the mindless perpetual motion retards.
  15. Audax_Bellator

    Arty in Sandbox (WG Video)

    Sounds dynamic for sure