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  1. Not Bending It is a semi-new clan currently recruiting new players that are looking to step up their game or find a competitive bunch of buddies to play tanks. The clan has been formed very recently, however its core has been playing together for up to a year in the previous clan that has been a part of a bigger assortment of clans affiliated with a certain website where the narwhal bacons at midnight, Kappa. Due to recent internal issues with the community a new clan has been created that is supposed stand for the original values while retaining a higher degree of control due to its independence. WHO ARE WE? KNEE is a group of players that strive to get as much out of this game while still maintaining reasonable levels of sanity. Our main focus are and always were strongholds, but we have achieved significant success on the T6 global map during the first clan wars season. Our clan has also fielded profitable tournament teams, mainly in the Super Six series. The clan core of roughly 30 players at the moment is very active so there is someone to talk to on TS at almost any time of the day. As mentioned before, we use TS3 and Slack for communication. We are a tightly-knit community and many of us became good friends outside WoT as well. Our current activities are mostly tier 6 and 8 strongholds (and stronghold attacks) + we are planning raids on the CW map as well. There is always the possibility of transitioning back to CW. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? An ideal applicant is someone who likes to be competitive, but also have a lot of fun while playing the game. Even though most of our activities are fairly relaxed it is still necessary to be able to listen and obey our callers' commands when required. After all, most of the fun in this game comes from winning. A will to improve your game is a great plus and we are definitely looking for rising players to which we can offer a platform to develop themselves. There have been a great deal of people who came to use our clan as a stepping stone to join some better clan in the future, but ended up staying or eventually returned from those clans because they missed all the banter with the lads that happens every night. HOW TO APPLY: Did we make an impression? You can message Dj945 or apply through the official Wargaming tools. http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500071821/
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