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  1. Well, I dont any more, but that is not a accuse for bullying.
  2. I am totally against cyber bullying. So, what am I talking about? I will explain: Ganging Up and Bullying Games Many bullies get their power by teaming up with others against one particular target. In the online gaming world, this becomes easy to do. The group of bullies can quickly and easily plan an attack through the use of private messages, choosing a victim that seems to be weak in the game or somehow stands out from the others in the game. Harassing messages aren’t the only way this group can impact the victim. Because many games involve interaction with the other players as characters,
  3. Bully's are not the in thing these days, but yet we let them run wild in the forums. Yes, that is called internet bullies and it is illegal in most countries. Not to mention why would you let them get away with it if you ever been bullied personally.

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    2. Medjed


      get the fuck out

    3. Jojo_Joseph_Joestar


      Where the anti_bullyrangers at D:

    4. MetGreDKo


      Your assertion is false OP. Not all bullies are Internet bullies. I also don't get why you feel bullying is believed to be an in thing. It's always been common in gaming and isn't anything new. You're viewing the past with child like nostalgia ignoring the fact nothing has really changed. That or you're new to the Internet and incredibly naive.

  4. Is there a place where I can look up tanks that can side scraping and those you have to go straight on with. Plus what each tank must protect when facing forward or a 30 degree angle. Thanks look forward to the response. CDR_4_DV
  5. Need WN7 ranking for CW and TC, plus I would like to see the ranking broke down for each tier. Example: I play 1000 battles in clanwars in my Tier 3 with a WN7 of 1500. Then a 1000 battles in a tier 10 with a WN7 about 1400, but if you do them all together & because tier 3 numbers are so low compared to tier 10 numbers my over all WN7 might only be 800.
  6. How do you post your FORUM SIGNATURE IMAGE your stats in TS under your avatar. thanks
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