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  1. I'm in Belgrade, Serbia. Harare was a random pick for funsies.
  2. Necro or double, tough choice. I flipped a coin.
  3. I'd say it's more like DAoC meets Minecraft (EQ Landmark!?) than DAoC 2. This is why (player made footage of C.U.B.E. building): ...and background in that video is placeholder from 2013 (same as avatar and animations), this is one of alpha test updates:
  4. JamesGoblin


    Couple new videos, connected to new siege engines; Below you can see these babies in action, doing some voxel destruction (hey, this rhymes!) - I call this "Death in the Rubble": ...plus some recent Ranger gameplay (just BTW Druid is to be added next, a healing/nuking hybrid): Also, current test access is kinda expensive, but open beta (free tests) is scheduled for "this winter".
  5. Best WWB summary (there's also TL:DR bit lower in the OP) - https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/4cdmmc/wtf_is_going_on_the_answer/
  6. Life is cruel to us, but we ain't no angels too:
  7. Might try this (not my genre really) only because of the IP. I enjoyed Warhammer Online so much <3
  8. You have couple post-30 tips here - "After reaching the max player level, there's still much to do in The Division..." yadda yaddity - http://www.ign.com/wikis/the-division/Endgame_Content
  9. JamesGoblin


    I believe that 99.99% of gamers would agree with you - MMOs are a niche, and PvP sandbox (plus indie! OMG low budget!) are a very small part of MMOs. I can try to explain what makes some people want to play Crowfall; Think: Eve Online in medieval setting PLUS actual combat PLUS Minecraft (building + destruction); Eve is all about politics, alliances, spreadsheets, economy, PvP etc. - nobody plays it because of visual appeal. By the way, main reason for cartoony (low polygon count) models is that Crowfall will have to support sieges and battles with hundreds of players in small
  10. JamesGoblin


    It's actually one of nicer negative comments I saw =) Some people simply go " Looks like cr** " or "What year is this? 1999?" (yea, graphics are certainly not Crowfall's strong point) or something anti-Raph, like "You lost me at Raph Koster. Did he have any success after Ultima Online?" (game from 90s...). For some reason, he has both fanatical followers (mostly based on his work on Star Wars Galaxies' crafting) and lots of haters - that is, among people that played his games and know about him.
  11. JamesGoblin


    Yep, I see how it could look like "Just another..." on the first glance. On the other hand, I don't see anything even remotely close to what they are building, except maybe for Camelot Unchained!?
  12. JamesGoblin


    Raph Koster on Crowfall social gameplay: PS also silly side of gamemaking (video outtakes 2015-16) and, for all Raph lovers, more Raph! (some "live" game development ).
  13. Well, there seems to be theoretical possibility to stumble across other player - and they were toying with that saying "if you see another player..." couple times. My point is, had I known that the social aspect of the game is basically zero - I wouldn't be hyped at all. I guess they were also thinking along these lines...
  14. Yea, there are better sources, just this is the first one I saw that clearly says it's single player. Devs liked to wordsmith around that, and some sites even labeled it as MMO.
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