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  1. Its an E50 with more horse power. You are probably letting that extra speed get you into trouble. Play it the same way you would the E50 while remembering that you are not supposed to keep up with those other tanks, even tho you can now.
  2. My stats in the 103 are much higher then my overall average. Ive always expected it to be nerfed if anything. I will be driving this alot more.
  3. If your computer is still working Id wait 4 weeks for all the other cards to hit shelves. Not to mention that many are speculating an even faster card from AMD, who has a history of price cutting the competition.
  4. Im getting terrible performance on my laptop after 9.15. I blamed windows 10, which seems to have terrible performance when compared to 7 and 8 in my experience. My desktop plays fine at 100+ fps, but the game just feels broken. So I ask, are you running 10? My laptop is a i7 quad with 8 gigs of ran and HD7900m graphics with 2 g of video ram. MORE then enough for this game. With win 8, I got 100 FPS on the standard graphics engine ( to reduce heat and stress I run lighter engine ). I tried the improved engine and a full drive wipe and reinstall. All drivers up to date. Just another shit patch pushed out to meet some imaginary demand for a release cycled created by the marketing team who thinks not releasing something means death. Ive stopped playing........ Wargaming has lost the touch. Everything they do fails. the marketing department is controlling development which always translates to a broken product. TLDR: marketing killed your favorite game. Find another
  5. No, I dont care about those players. They are not supporting my favorite game. They could go away and no one would miss them....... Im absolutely serious. Using more penetration then you need wastes your silver.
  6. Go to your tanks folder. Right click the game exe and select compatibility mode. set for xp mode.
  7. Ammo with varied degrees of penetration for a higher credit cost is a great meta. It requires more thought and planning to do the max damage possible while still profiting. I think it should be expanded even further. It makes playing as the low tier funner to deal with. E5 is not OP. Good players are good in it. Bad players are bad it in. Look at my stats. I suck in mine. But Im getting better in it. Damage is way up over the last 20 fights. Learning not to die.
  8. Try running in compatibility mode. I resolved this issue for a friend by letting windows simply check compatibility, since i was not on site I just had him run the checker.
  9. Hardcore Henry - Not going to win awards, but a damn fine example of what can be done on a limited budget with a bit of creativity.
  10. The point of this product is the 200 dollar price point. Its not supposed to be the fastest card. Its supposed to be the most popular card when it comes to sales. Nvidia is probably shitting themselves right now. All the money is made on the "mainstream" card. NOT on 1080s and Titans.
  11. Reference cards are always plain looking. They let each vendor create its own style.
  12. Some suggested troubleshooting steps if you have not already, Uninstall. Delete your WOT folder. Run chkdsk /f from admin command prompt and then restart. turn off all over clocking. reinstall dx 9 or 11.
  13. This is about as good an idea as banning purples to even out the skill level. So many reasons were already listed here, I see no need to repeat them. But I will add my hatred.
  14. Very good point. Shitters like us can get away with things purples get murdered for.
  15. Id go a step further and suggest its very hard win without someone playing that spot, and playing it well.
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