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  1. Oh man, you can't get any more battle buddy awards after 1.6 to show your dominance! https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/06/26/world-of-tanks-patch-1-6-testing-in-july-release-in-august/
  2. Hey Never, So somewhat related to my other request about a Show All and/or Export to Excel feature, is the MoE stars. When I copy/paste this into Excel, they're gone, because they are not text.... but strangely, they don't seem to be a graphic either (tank icons will paste, but not MoE stars), though even if they were a graphic, that wouldn't be very useful to me! Is there anyway they can just be a value? 0, 1, 2, 3, or N/A for Tier 1 through 4? An Excel export that would convert the stars to values would work too. Side note, I'm glad you have the Mastery as text and not the icons like a lot of other sites use! Thanks! btw, I'm in Elite Dangerous too. Same IGN if you ever want to team up for missions or anything!
  3. It's not the same thing when you've played 400+ tanks, and you want to copy/paste the data into Excel. Currently, I have to copy and paste 5 separate sets of data, when I could be doing it just once. Obviously, an actual export to .xls, .csv etc is another option.
  4. Hi Never, Any chance of changing the "Show x entries" to include an "all" option? Thanks
  5. I'll pull the trigger on: Type 62 Type 64 Lorr 40t German Bulldog 50% Off 365 Days of Premium
  6. A little off topic perhaps, but why is it that replacing colors.xc in the /res_mods/configs/xvm/default/ folder with the wotlabs one no longer works? Still stuck with the XVM colors....
  7. Has anyone contacted Never to get this implemented on wotlabs?
  8. My Issues with Rating System 1. Interface is clunky and slow. A lot of the information that goes into the new Rating system (and more) needs to be added to the Vehicle Statistics tab in columns (IN COLUMNS, NOT TILES!), such as DPG, Assist Dmg, KPG, Dmg Blocked, MoE # / %, and most importantly Rating! I want to see the Rating of ALL my tanks at once, much more than I want to compare to my friends etc. If this new Rating System does go ahead in a useful format, I suspect I'll still end up at 3rd party sites to view the data in a usable manner. 2. Base Capture and Defense should be part of the Rating System. Maybe with some restrictions such as Capture only counts if that's how the battle was won. 3. I question the value of Blocked Damage in this Rating System. Anyone can sit in a Maus and bounce a lot of shots, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's doing a lot to help his team. In fact, once could argue that if you can angle, side scrape, or hull down in a lesser armored tank, and bounce shots, you're helping even more, yet the weighting system doesn't reflect this. 4. I question the value of Survival Rate in this Rating System. The value of surviving should be reflected in the 4 other parameters, so that it doesn't need it's own. Not to mention that some really good players will sacrifice themselves, for the likes of getting a stalled lemming train to push a flank etc. 5. Do we really need weighted co-efficients? Why not throw those out the window and determine a players per vehicle rating by comparing to the average other players in that vehicle? 6. Why is Win Rate not a part of this equation? Nothing matters more than winning, and as we know, any one player can influence their Win Rate in the ~40 to ~65% range when playing solo. Also, see #5. (compare Win Rates to other players). If there's a concern about Platoon influenced Win Rates, exclude those if you have to; solo only. 7. While I like that we can filter by minimum battle counts, and since a specific date, we are missing the ability to filter by last 100, 500, 1000, 2000, etc battles. If I play 100 battles in a tank in September, and John Smith plays 4 battles in the same tank in September, that's not particularly valuable in comparison, so I'd like to see each of our last 500 battles in it, etc. 8. I'm all for a replacement for WN8, but this isn't it unless some of the above issues are addressed.
  9. vbaddict is no longer closing, as of ~2 weeks ago.
  10. 1 month to painfully grind the Conqueror. Hopefully it'll be a huge improvement once I get the top gun.
  11. Will there be a version 31, and if so, what direction will it take with expected values?
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