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  1. Thanks Rexxie - that was super useful! A few follow ups: On the higher tier mediums, where I've got the view range to 450+ or 460+ without Optics or Vents, is it automatically Turbo in that 3rd slot, or is there still come consideration to Vents? (excluding autoloaders where I always have Vents already). Or for something with high dispersion (430U?), wouldn't you add IRM in addition to Vstab/Rammer if you don't need the extra view range? Then where a VStab can't be fitted (some Tier 7 and lower), does it make sense to use an IRM in it's place, or just Vents? Or are there
  2. Honestly, this has been like homework this weekend, researching what equipment to fit on 300 tanks, so I can purchase during discount! I've spent about 45 million credits on equipment so far! I'm pretty comfortable with my outfitting for all classes except Mediums. I have Rammer's on all of them. After that, I struggle to decide between Optics, VStab, IRM, Turbo. Are Vents and IA even considerations for Mediums as well? I won't put Optics on any Tier X, and probably not Tier IX either, though for Meds with 380 or lower base view range, it starts to feel worthy of consideration.
  3. I keep writing a reply here to Overlord_Prime's IRM vs IA video, and as one of you responds, I keep starting over, or watching the video again So IRM + Vstab is multiplicative. Okay. Not as good as additive, but for tanks with bad dispersion, presumably still valuable, especially for autoloaders.... or non-autoloaders with with high dispersion values, particularly tanks that can comfortably drop optics to free up an equipment slot. As most of Overlord_Prime's video was about Improved/Bounty Equipment, including an upcoming version for the IA, I'm not sure if I should be running a
  4. Hi Never! Happy New Year! Thanks for the fix. Down at the moment for me too. Good luck!
  5. Thoughts on Equipment for the Somua SM? I previously ran Vents/Optics/Vstab. I run Hardening in almost all my heavies in Eq 2.0, but this plays more like a Medium, so don't think its as valuable here. I think I either stick with what I had, or if I want to run IRM, I drop Vents and keep Optics to keep my View Range up? Issue with that is I'm not taking advantage of the bonus slot, so could I drop Optics for IRM and run Vents in the slot, and just deal with the lower View Range?
  6. Oh man, you can't get any more battle buddy awards after 1.6 to show your dominance! https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/06/26/world-of-tanks-patch-1-6-testing-in-july-release-in-august/
  7. Hey Never, So somewhat related to my other request about a Show All and/or Export to Excel feature, is the MoE stars. When I copy/paste this into Excel, they're gone, because they are not text.... but strangely, they don't seem to be a graphic either (tank icons will paste, but not MoE stars), though even if they were a graphic, that wouldn't be very useful to me! Is there anyway they can just be a value? 0, 1, 2, 3, or N/A for Tier 1 through 4? An Excel export that would convert the stars to values would work too. Side note, I'm glad you have the Mastery as text and
  8. It's not the same thing when you've played 400+ tanks, and you want to copy/paste the data into Excel. Currently, I have to copy and paste 5 separate sets of data, when I could be doing it just once. Obviously, an actual export to .xls, .csv etc is another option.
  9. Hi Never, Any chance of changing the "Show x entries" to include an "all" option? Thanks
  10. I'll pull the trigger on: Type 62 Type 64 Lorr 40t German Bulldog 50% Off 365 Days of Premium
  11. A little off topic perhaps, but why is it that replacing colors.xc in the /res_mods/configs/xvm/default/ folder with the wotlabs one no longer works? Still stuck with the XVM colors....
  12. Has anyone contacted Never to get this implemented on wotlabs?
  13. My Issues with Rating System 1. Interface is clunky and slow. A lot of the information that goes into the new Rating system (and more) needs to be added to the Vehicle Statistics tab in columns (IN COLUMNS, NOT TILES!), such as DPG, Assist Dmg, KPG, Dmg Blocked, MoE # / %, and most importantly Rating! I want to see the Rating of ALL my tanks at once, much more than I want to compare to my friends etc. If this new Rating System does go ahead in a useful format, I suspect I'll still end up at 3rd party sites to view the data in a usable manner. 2. Base Capture and Defense should b
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