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  1. I tried AW this week, just to see. I like the automatic 6th sense. That makes a lot more sense in a game where spotting is such a huge mechanic (I'l talking to you WoT DEVS). However, I felt AW just didnt have the depth that WoT has. I'm still debating, but currently, I like WoT better. AW has a few advantages, with things like PvE, though.
  2. This is what I do. I do look for optimal angles, when I can, but generally, any angling seems to be better than none, for most tanks. I was in a KV-1S and got tracked in the middle of a road by a KV-1. 2 of his buddies showed up. After a couple re-tracks, I burned my repair kit and moved to a corner for cover. I had 130 HP left. My allies distracted his 2 buddies, so it was me @ 130 vs. a full KV-1. I side scraped and he and I traded shots. His shots continually bounced on me, while I punched rounds through his turret. 5 shots later, I still had 130hp and he was dead. Granted, he wasn't a purple, but I know if I hadn't angled at all or poked out instead of scraping, he would have won that. I have no idea if my angle was optimal or not. I do know I bounced all 5 of his shots..
  3. Sounds like network congestion between you and the servers. If the path is faster to servers further away, you get better results. Server connections to gaming servers are more about speed and accuracy than distance, although the 2 do commonly coincide. Something to consider. If there is another wifi adapter you can borrow and disable your current one, or built-in adapter, this would eliminate your current adapter as a possible problem, but it really sounds like network path/congestion between you and some of the servers. Good luck!
  4. I'm not stressed at all. I'm not a stat freak, I'm just learning it all and curious to know if the oddness is expected. I use the stats to determine if I'm improving and in what ways. I'm not the guy that waves my stats around, purple or not. A previous poster said they would be interested to know if this changed in a week. A week later, I posted this.
  5. Hi OP, IT person here. The repeaters will add lag to your connection. I know this from personal experience. They are fine for cruising the web, but unless you spend a good bit of $$$, this is likely not your solution. The first thing I would recommend is elimination of factors so you can verify the issue. Can you temp move your rig to where you can plug up to a wired connection? If so, this would help a great deal in confirming that your wireless is the issue. If wireless is your issue, and you can't really run an ethernet cable to your space, then you're choices are to move your PC, or to use an alternate method of bringing the signal over. Below is a link that I think would resolve that issue for you, but you need to confirm the wifi is the issue, before anything else. Ethernet Over Power Jacks - $35 If you get the same issue on wired, then we'll have to look at other options, but we need to simplify first.
  6. The rampage tanks are hidden by default in my list, but I had to hide the Tetrarch, since it's apparently permanently in my garage as "Rental Expired". I have removed all gear/crew, etc from it and it still won't go away, so Reserve it is.
  7. Currently, stats still don't match and XVM is acting a bit weird, in-game. XVM - 875 (What's odd here is I did well last night and this number still fell from 892 down to 875?) I have also manually forced an update of this, to ensure I had the most accurate number prior to posting. wotstats.org - WN8 = 646.82 (increased after last night's games) noobmeter - WN8 = 787 (increased after last night's games) WOTLABs - WN8 = 640 (increased after last night's games) Overall, Wotstats and WOTLABs match up fairly closely. Noobmeter, I have no idea on why its not close to any other score. OP.. he delivered
  8. Hi Kalti, I'm obviously a new player, but I've been watching Taugrim's video series (Road to Unicum). I recommend it, if you haven't watched it recently. I mention this because some of his videos detail light tank play and you are basically doing what he does, to an extent. I do think some of his videos might still be useful, as he does try to land some early damage, but also tries to save HP for late game. What makes these great to me is he discusses WHY he does what he does, so you can reason out when to apply it, as opposed to trying to simply mimic without understanding the why. The videos are short and have been entertaining to watch. If you search for this series on Youtube, there is a playlist. Each episode is dedicated to a different tank and there are some LTs in the middle of the series. Welcome back. I've missed you this past couple of years, but it was easier to bear, since I've never met you before.. Good hunting!
  9. Explained: The previous 2 posts were tongue-in-cheek, so I added one that I've heard batted around since I started WoT (2 months ago). However, you bring up a good point. If a joke has to be explained the fault is with the delivery/content. When I unlocked kinda-older-white-guy, last year, I skipped upgrading my humor module. I've also, sadly, neglected to even pick perks for my joke loader and delivery gunner. I will knock those out ASAP and possibly deliver better funny in the future..My wife is betting against, though, so don't hold your breath...
  10. This is what I do. When they light up with the red outline, I KNOW the server and client agree that I have a shot and can take it. If I don't get the red outline, I may fire a shot, just to keep their heads down, but I'm not expecting a hit.
  11. Buy Premium Days.. This makes the MatchMaker give you great MM, so you can pwn noobs.
  12. As a noob, I can live with the counter-intuitive nature of it, if some of the community would just take 2 giant steps off my nutsack while I'm learning.. To be clear, there are some fantastic people in the WoT community. Folks that give of their time to teach others and people like me genuinely appreciate it. It's how I handle education when I'm purple. It's the asshats that provide constructive criticism like "How did the T32 player get so bad", "Fuggin N00bs" or my favorite "Just Uninstall, moron", because they apparently never needed to learn. They just dropped in purple and have been WTFPWNING @ life since..
  13. Let me provide some insights into being a noob, since apparently, once you reach purple, it's all forgotten and everyone is a 2 brain-cell, mouth-breathing, can't-count-their-balls-and-get-the-same-answer-twice, Westboro Baptist church, vote-for-Trump, moron. Note: I'm a purple in other games past and present (TF2, DAOC, Tribes, etc) so I know high level play. I've played and called on comp teams. In other words, I get it. I've been in your position in other games, just not in WoT, yet. 1. The Vision mechanic makes sense on paper, but applying it in-game is something entirely different. I can't tell you how many time's I've been shot by invisible tanks, since I don't know every inch of the map and don't realize a spot is a bad spot until I've been there. I'm learning, but mostly by trying to watch videos that discuss maps and personal experience. I can't mimic what they do in videos, until I learn the WHY behind going to a particular spot. 2. Expert knowledge of maps and tanks is a HUGE advantage. I know some of this information, but there is still much to learn for me, even after 2K battles. Until I learn this, I will always be at a disadvantage, so playing conservatively makes sense. Not camping for 7 mins in the back, but also not rushing out early to "good spots" makes sense for players like me, since we likely don't have the skill in this game to hold that spot, use it correctly, NOT get rekt by better players that know a spot that gives them a shooting angle on me, etc. As we get better, we start moving to those spots, but how some players that literally know everything can't understand this, I'll never know. 3. Not every noob is a mouth-breathing, moronic shitter. Some of us are actually trying to learn the game, despite the seemingly ubiquitous shitheads in chat and in the community. So I guess I'm just a bit confused. All purples in this game just started as purple. Zero learning curve? Perfect play, the minute the game was installed?Or maybe they all figured it out within 5-10 games? Maybe they spent countless hours memorizing the wiki prior to even installing and had players like Taugrim show up at their houses and work out the strats for every sq. km of each and every map? Because I don't have any of that. What I do have is a brain, that I'm trying to fill with information and practice applying that information in-game and I get to put up with asshats daily that feel that anyone less than purple should stick to T1 battles until they go purple, then start working up the lines. I do understand that noobs can wreck a game, but honestly, how else does anyone to learn? What's really amusing/frustrating to me is the players talking about the game slowly declining, yet treat people like it's a fucking crime to be new to a game.
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