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  1. I don't want a clan invite. I want friend list invites. If your clan is doing something fun and I'm off cooldown I might join for a night or two. I'd want to know about it first before joining any clan.
  2. Please invite me for Strongholds anytime. If you coordinate strongholds with your clan then please add me to your friend list and send me invites to Strongholds. I may not join. I may already be in a Stronghold. Please, just send the invites and I may join occasionally. Also, I may be up for Clan Wars on occasion. I can join a clan for a night or a few days and shoot some stuff. Here's a link to my detailed tank #s on Clan Tools I can do voice chat. I try to follow orders. I can left click on the enemies a reasonable amount of the time. Some
  3. I'm mostly looking to join for Tier 8 or 10. I am more than willing to do 6s but 6s are pretty figured out. I might be willing to join any clan for clan wars for a night or two. However, anytime I have tags I can't join other clans for strongholds. I joined PIR8 for a few campaigns. I joined ESPRT for a few clan civil wars. I have joined a few clans for a night or two.
  4. I'm clanless. I think I'd like to stay clanless. I want to do lots of stronghold battles with lots of clans. Add me to your friend list. If you are short on a stronghold then please send me an invite. I might show up. On occasion I can drive my tank somewhat competently. I know where the minimap is located and sometimes I look at it. I try to follow directions. I am probably better than going a man short. I can call but I'd rather not. I'm mostly interested in learning from your clan. If your clan needs help with the basics or is desperate I can get a team doing very basic stra
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