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  1. Some thoughts:

    Clan events are a reward tank shitfest. Out of 54 tech tree tier 10s that are available, only one (the EBR) is picked. Everything else just can't compete.

    Grinding 3 FL prestiges in a week gave me a terminal disease of your choice, and somehow I'm still low on credits.

    Pubs are still fucked up, especially at lower tiers with all those derp guns. High tiers are still a mess but you learn to live with it.

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    2. Assassin7


      CW rewards being meta is a pain.

      260 is like all we use now, I dont have it and its a massive pain in the ass to get. Been on the 260 missions for years now.

      Glad I got the 907 when it first came out, clan wont even let me use my 140 unless we literally have no unlocked 907s, which sucks dick because I gigantically prefer the 140 to the 907 to the point Id never play the 907 if I could freely choose.


      The super conq is rediculous compared to the E5, so what does WG do? Release a better super conq. GGWP what is balance?

      AND The EBR has pretty much completely outmeta'd both the batchat and the T100. What a load of shit. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      It's a good clan to join for a casual player. But really I havent played a game with them for months as even SH are too competitive for me. Tier 8 is impossible as I am not going to pay for pixelated tanks ever again. Tier X SH is the same story as CW.

      I guess my clan could just do SH with random tanks but they are too much focused on try harding and dont realize this game is dead, competitively speaking.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      I agree, your clan is full of tryhards.

      And morons. But that's me hating on Italian clans after some pretty bad experiences with them (like FCs asking for endgame screenshots to check if we fired gold as he ordered. Gold. In t6 skirmishes. Against type 64s. Said FC is in your subclan btw)


      Back on CW tanks.

      The 260 is available for everyone, it's locked behind a set (actually 20) of missions but even the worst 44% bot can get one. 907/chieftain are only available through a once in a year event and you have to kinda tryhard to get one, or at least get into a clan that's good enough to get you one.

      That I think is the main difference.


      EBR being stupid, yeah, I know. I have a semi decent t100 that I kept specifically for CWs due to insane camo and vision abuse, but I guess I won't use it much as the wheelie shit outclasses it by a lot. Also the wheelie grind itself is pretty painful so I'm not seeing myself getting one anytime soon (unless I'm going full retard and free exp the t8, 9 and 10).

  2. Infinite, free big rep kit? Yes please. It's gonna be super broken, but I guess it's in line with new WG policy of "rewards being broken". Too bad the IS-5 is still shit.
  3. Meanwhile someone rams you multiple times until he manages to flip you, dies in the process crushed by your tank and you get banned for that, you send a ticket to CS and you gain an automated message telling you to fuck off and for some reason 10 days of chat ban, even though your chat has been off for a while. Just use them as meat shields and stay as far away as possible from such idiots. Not much else you can do really.
  4. I've gone full autism and swapped vstab for optics (current loadout rammer, vents, optics). Thought process behind this shit move is: Handling is ebola and the gun needs to be settled in anyway for any target over 50m. Camo is good and it could be played like a 416 (so camo snipe early game, some scouting and circle jerk in later stages), vstab felt like a waste of a slot to me, also the tank could use some view range with that trash 370 base. As of now I have bia, SA and 21% on recon, 441m not using food which is acceptable given the 31% stationary camo and 27% otm. As previously said, the gun really needs to fully aim to minimize any dumb RNG miss, thanks to that and the bad dpm the gameplay is quite slow in it. Armour is a lie, although you get the odd bounce on the upper plate and turret, can sidescrape against idiots who don't have a 130mm gun (so basically all low tiers and some t8s and 9s) even though with 45mm of side armour you rely more on autobounce than tracks absorbing hits. Decent city brawler, it's also a decent sidehugger thanks to low profile + trollish turret. 16-17-2 is my ammo loadout, small rep, small med and AFE. It's a nice TD/LT hybrid overall.
  5. Currently marking it (86%).. It definitely needs higher pen on apcr. 50/50 chance to pen a type 5 weakspot is just too fucking sad.
  6. Each day, WG strays further away from the light. Reduce gold alpha and reduce its price to around 10% more expensive than standard. Is it that hard? It's not a nerf so it can be applied to premiums without the player base going full autism.
  7. Fuck wheeled vehicles.

    Another cancer class just like arty.

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    2. LamaLeif


      Until you blast them in the face with td-mode artillery and kill them from 20 meters away, cancer killing cancer.

    3. sohojacques


      Just when I thought it was safe to finish my HWK 12 grind they  put the 105 on track....

    4. WhatTheSkara


      The prem t8 is now available in the shop.

      I bought it solely for FL and to train my 2 French light crews in SHs.

  8. WhatTheSkara

    UDES 16

    Goodbye turd. Welcome Jewdes 15/16. LMAO/10 would touch it again.
  9. Jewdes 16 is cancer.

    Another free exp sink.

    At first to get it upgraded.

    Then to skip the 200k exp pain and get the tier 10.

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    2. Kymrel


      Same here. Initially I didn't but when I got used to it I didn't even grind it. I just played for fun and accidentally unlocked the tier 10.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Just got rid of it, finished the grind.

      Thank God I can now play a semi decent tank that actually bounces stuff.

    4. Matross


      I just played it to get used to the hydraulic system. Used the x3 bonus on it for a handful of games to rack up xp. Free xp'd the last 50k or so. The gun is trolly at times. Tier X feels much more sturdier, and the bigger alpha rolls feel nice. 

  10. At this point we want proof. Show us your 3 mark games (replay links)
  11. WhatTheSkara

    UDES 16

    See what I said 2 days ago? I take it all back. The armour is a joke, that strip at the front of the hull is 70mm and is flat, tier 5s can pen you there. Sides are 3x overmatch for Russian 122s so Sidescraping isn't an option. WG could have given it a good gun but nope, hits the dirt even fully aimed + shell velocity is poor. Penetration is bad and requires so much gold spam it's not even fun. I have swapped vstab for vents in a desperate attempt at making the gun less potato. As with the tier 8, it needs to camo snipe for half the match and then yolo rush the last HP remaining.
  12. WhatTheSkara


    On sale on EU, bought it instantly.
  13. WhatTheSkara

    UDES 16

    Just bought it. Free exp'd the gun and turret. Can't comment on mobility because the only game I've played in it was on prok, parked my ass on the middle ridge and farmed the hill. The gun feels exactly the same as the t8 and the DPM increase (faster reload and more alpha) is nice to have. Typical wedge technology, immune to low calibers but anything big and scary autopens. What should I unlock first? Tracks or engine?
  14. Dick move to put wheeled vehicles Tbf. Insane gun handling, can't be tracked, kinda hard to hit unless coming straight at you, great HE rounds Luckily the tech tree ones have shit dpm, but the premium is a beast. They're good for FL because they have room to maneuver, but in pubs they're only useful to remove arty early game.
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