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  1. Launched the game to check out this field modifications thingy. I truly regret having checked "accelerated crew training" on most of my 10s -.- I also found the dual modification things you buy with credits to be somewhat useless, the trade-off in some cases is just not worth it (for both options). Maybe on some tanks you can get away with it (50% extra reload penalty from being ammoracked on a tank that does barely get ammoracked once in 50 games seems legit) but in most cases the debuffs are too much to bear (for me anyway). With that being said, I like the
  2. So I recently got back-ish to the game after about two years, saw the new equipment, saw this thread, got my 2nd mark on t49 in three games with this build Gun handling is absolutely atrocious now and HE is shit, but RMB LMB from 5 metres still works fine
  3. I love how this guy simply ignores questions about his Os and 0s. Anyway. Tank is abysmal, 240ish premium pen against tier 10s is stupid on such a slow and un-maneuverable platform. Of course armour has no weakspots for lower tiers to shoot at but gets 22'd by every other tier 8s. Wg either rushed this one too (just like the British lights) or they just hope people will buy it because hurr durr new premium, durr.
  4. Stock EBR 90 is fun :dank:

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      dont waste the xp on the top gun

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Did it without thinking.

      Free exp'd some modules and unlocked the gun, then realized I wasted 43k free exp..

      I wonder how long it will take me to grind 213k exp by playing only 5/6 games per day in it (using the premium x3s)

    3. kariverson


      @WhatTheSkara ~80 games I'd guess with prem. I unlocked the Kranvagen and I played only ~80 games with the Emil II

  5. Easy credits, powerful rewards, have you ever thought of that? Not permanent mode? Not the usual slugfest that is the ultra boring random battles mode? You want the game dumbed down even more so that you don't even have the challenge of fighting stuff that's 2 tiers higher than you. While leaving shit like Minsk, Glacier and Pilsen still in the game. Congrats, you've destroyed what little fun was left in this game. Now let's all buy type 5s and 183s and sling HE at each other in corridor maps. I suggest the official forums for your level of autism, pretty sure people
  6. Help me understand this. You say FL shows +/- 1 is good. FL is tier 8 only. No 7s or 9s, just 30v30 at tier 8. How does it show that? When it CANNOT show that? The only thing FL shows is that with a good map you don't need to spam premium ammo because you can flank. That's it.
  7. If you want to see what has changed, check the thread made by Assassin in this section to see what has changed. Short version: maps are shit, a lot of TD nests in convenient locations and the usual corridor campfest that Russian pubbies love so much, arty is more annoying because it fucks in the ass more consistently, a tiny length of dick at the time, rather than going from your anus to your throat in one single push. Hulldown tanks are meta, so anything with 300mm+ of turret armour AND at least 10 degrees of depression is mandatory to win. There are the French wheeled light tanks that a
  8. Here's another one http://wotreplays.eu/site/4973973#highway-kep_or_luz-wz-111_model_5a In this one I think I should've ran much earlier, but I was too tilted from the bullshit pens to think about my next move. I had a couple more but the files are broken -.-
  9. Hey guys, Posting here because I'd like to have a few replays reviewed. Will post more of them as I play. Let's start with this one: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4973930#malinovka-kep_or_luz-t-44-100
  10. why are you mentioning me again? I can agree with rng, 25% across the board is just stupid and should be reduced (to different values, say 15% damage 10% pen as an example) along with dispersion. FL is not the proof of +1/-1 MM working (pubs are, but apparently you're too focused on tiers nobody gives a shit about, seriously, who cares about tier 3/4/5s apart from you?) FL is just the proof of WG's map design being ass. You have a map in which you can flank enemies and wreck them from different angles. 0 premium rounds needed, even for defenders/vks because you can
  11. True. I have also completed the Eastern Front this morning playing with a bunch of randoms.
  12. Tfw you get kicked out of a clan because you're too shit at the game PepeHands

    1. kolni


      in the wot glorydays X3N4 used to kick FAME players for having shitty DPGs every now and then.. good times :jebaited: 

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