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  1. YoghurtPlease.

    If you're on here and still alive, send me a message cuz I want to finish the referral!

  2. Out of the three new tanks, only the Caliban is worth having.

    Turdvagn is crap, yoh is just a (much) worse Renegade.

    In the mix the 122tm could be good if games weren't this fast and Skoda is just broken.

  3. 3 marked the IS6, 2 marked the m48 Patton.

    Haven't played those in years.

    Now my t62a and E5 are both around the 90/91%

    Which one should I do first?

    1. WhatTheSkara


      E5 marks dropped by 2% -.- was at 89 now at 87.

      It'll be a bitch to get them up again :D

  4. T30 is such a stupid tank.

    Can't hit shit at range, misses when fully aimed at 100m (0.3 accuracy btw) or bounces apcr.

    Shell velocity is abysmal and turret armour is a joke.

    I even unlocked field mods for it, what a waste of time.

    1. Assassin7


      I've owned it for years and always enjoyed it. yeah its gun is a bit derpy but I've never had any real issues with it - done most of my TD missions requiring high damage with it. 

      granted most of my knowledge and experience is at least a year out of date by now, so stuff has probably changed. 

    2. kolni


      Yeah always hated it, I feel like the gun mantlet could use an update to be at least a little stronger so you can fully aim that gun without getting penned hulldown for doing so

    3. Jul_Le


      I rebought this recently, and despite the gun looking good on paper it seems to miss the easiest shots. Equipped it with iRammer + iVents + bounty aim + vent purge + food and fully modded, got the dispersion down to 0,28.

      Sometimes you still miss/bounce no matter what, but man it hits hard when the gun behaves.

  5. Stock EBR 90 is fun :dank:

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      dont waste the xp on the top gun

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Did it without thinking.

      Free exp'd some modules and unlocked the gun, then realized I wasted 43k free exp..

      I wonder how long it will take me to grind 213k exp by playing only 5/6 games per day in it (using the premium x3s)

    3. kariverson


      @WhatTheSkara ~80 games I'd guess with prem. I unlocked the Kranvagen and I played only ~80 games with the Emil II

  6. Tfw you get kicked out of a clan because you're too shit at the game PepeHands

    1. kolni


      in the wot glorydays X3N4 used to kick FAME players for having shitty DPGs every now and then.. good times :jebaited: 

  7. Some thoughts:

    Clan events are a reward tank shitfest. Out of 54 tech tree tier 10s that are available, only one (the EBR) is picked. Everything else just can't compete.

    Grinding 3 FL prestiges in a week gave me a terminal disease of your choice, and somehow I'm still low on credits.

    Pubs are still fucked up, especially at lower tiers with all those derp guns. High tiers are still a mess but you learn to live with it.

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    2. Assassin7


      CW rewards being meta is a pain.

      260 is like all we use now, I dont have it and its a massive pain in the ass to get. Been on the 260 missions for years now.

      Glad I got the 907 when it first came out, clan wont even let me use my 140 unless we literally have no unlocked 907s, which sucks dick because I gigantically prefer the 140 to the 907 to the point Id never play the 907 if I could freely choose.


      The super conq is rediculous compared to the E5, so what does WG do? Release a better super conq. GGWP what is balance?

      AND The EBR has pretty much completely outmeta'd both the batchat and the T100. What a load of shit. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      It's a good clan to join for a casual player. But really I havent played a game with them for months as even SH are too competitive for me. Tier 8 is impossible as I am not going to pay for pixelated tanks ever again. Tier X SH is the same story as CW.

      I guess my clan could just do SH with random tanks but they are too much focused on try harding and dont realize this game is dead, competitively speaking.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      I agree, your clan is full of tryhards.

      And morons. But that's me hating on Italian clans after some pretty bad experiences with them (like FCs asking for endgame screenshots to check if we fired gold as he ordered. Gold. In t6 skirmishes. Against type 64s. Said FC is in your subclan btw)


      Back on CW tanks.

      The 260 is available for everyone, it's locked behind a set (actually 20) of missions but even the worst 44% bot can get one. 907/chieftain are only available through a once in a year event and you have to kinda tryhard to get one, or at least get into a clan that's good enough to get you one.

      That I think is the main difference.


      EBR being stupid, yeah, I know. I have a semi decent t100 that I kept specifically for CWs due to insane camo and vision abuse, but I guess I won't use it much as the wheelie shit outclasses it by a lot. Also the wheelie grind itself is pretty painful so I'm not seeing myself getting one anytime soon (unless I'm going full retard and free exp the t8, 9 and 10).

  8. Fuck wheeled vehicles.

    Another cancer class just like arty.

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    2. LamaLeif


      Until you blast them in the face with td-mode artillery and kill them from 20 meters away, cancer killing cancer.

    3. sohojacques


      Just when I thought it was safe to finish my HWK 12 grind they  put the 105 on track....

    4. WhatTheSkara


      The prem t8 is now available in the shop.

      I bought it solely for FL and to train my 2 French light crews in SHs.

  9. Jewdes 16 is cancer.

    Another free exp sink.

    At first to get it upgraded.

    Then to skip the 200k exp pain and get the tier 10.

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    2. Kymrel


      Same here. Initially I didn't but when I got used to it I didn't even grind it. I just played for fun and accidentally unlocked the tier 10.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Just got rid of it, finished the grind.

      Thank God I can now play a semi decent tank that actually bounces stuff.

    4. Matross


      I just played it to get used to the hydraulic system. Used the x3 bonus on it for a handful of games to rack up xp. Free xp'd the last 50k or so. The gun is trolly at times. Tier X feels much more sturdier, and the bigger alpha rolls feel nice. 

  10. If anyone's wondering what premium is coming up next, it's the tier 3 FCM36PAK40 for a whopping 3.5 million credits.

    it's up now on EU.


    Will update on what's next in 12h

    1. HairlesMonkyBoy
    2. WhatTheSkara


      The update was the type 59G.

      But it sold out in less than 3 minutes on EU, less than 3 on NA and it lasted a whopping 8 minutes on RU.

      I believe SEA stock ran out in seconds.


      Now there's a general hunt for those, especially TKs lul.

    3. HairlesMonkyBoy


      I shot one in the ass that was on my team. Highly recommended.

  11. Tundra, 3-5-7 t10 game, north spawn in my EMIL II (last game of the grind btw).

    I decide go hill with a 430u and a 140, t28 prototype goes to kemp boosh behind us along with one of the SPGs.

    430 and I set up for a shot on whatever is crossing.

    Enemy bat is spotted, we both fire but the 430 turns blue from shooting the ass of our 140, who was crossing in the opposite direction towards the east side of the middle rock. It was 100% accidental as the dude crossed at the wrong time.

    T28 starts dumping shots into the poor 430's ass and then shoots my ass because I'm not shooting the blue.

    All of this while me, the blue 430 and the 140 were trying to hold the whole enemy team.

    That t28 legit threw the game because he focused on deleting the blue rather than helping us deleting the enemy.

    We had it, we had 3 guns that were causing some serious damage, the enemy wasn't pushing despite me having an autoloader. But no, let's shoot the blue. We ended up being the top 3 damage dealers in the team, t28 did 0 damage to the enemies despite having survived for much longer than we did.


    Dear WG,

    can we get the old strongholds back? So I can grind a whole line without playing one single pub or having to deal with such levels of autism?

    1. Enroh


      Pubbie logic.

    2. BadLuckCharm


      There's 2 things that come into play, here.

      1: that it took just 1 shot for that guy to turn blue means he's been team damaging a lot in the recent past. That is cause for alarm.

      2: the T28 went straight to "righteous indignation" without looking at the bigger picture. Was that 430U actually being a threat? Accidents happen, even to idiots. Just because the guy turned blue, doesn't mean he's being an ass at this very moment. Assholes can still be useful, even if it's momentary. The T28 was too easily tilted by a player turning blue on someone else, and screwed up his gameplay for the rest of his time in the match.

      Number 2 is worse, if number 1 doesn't end up being a case of "TK is FUN! Let's wreck the team!"

    3. WhatTheSkara


      T28 was a new player as well, he had 400 odd games and the account was created in either march or April this year.

      Here comes the question: who the fuck taught him to shoot blues instead of trying to win the game?

  12. Goodbye EMIL II, you won't be missed.

    1. hazzgar


      Great example of a decent but super frustrating to play tank

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Gun is aids.

    3. mati_14


      Imagine 3 marking that tank during 268 V4 meta xd. That's how real pain feels like :doge:

  13. Is anyone online on EU atm?

    I need a quick favor :(

    1. hall0


      I am online now. 

  14. Patch days are the best.

    Then it goes back to shit.

  15. Researched:UDES 14 Alt 5 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 74.355. Free Experience spent: 7.089.

    Sold:'Leo' successfully sold. Received credits: 821.680. Spent gold: 30.

    Purchased:'UDES 14 Alt 5' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 2.510.000.

    now fuck you tier 7 piece of shit Leo

  16. Why is mt 15.4 so fucking hard to do?

  17. Victory! Battle: Live Oaks Vehicles: Löwe Experience received: 1.445 Credits earned: 80.009 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "III Class"


    get cancer wargaming.

  18. So I did it, I installed xvm once again.

    I now remember why I uninstalled it..

    Can't even think of the number of matches with me being the only player with more than 50% wr..

    1. Mnemon


      I turned the stats off once I saw that even me, as a under 3k battle WoT noob, was frequently the only player with 50% or over WR on my team. It was super demoralizing to know that.

  19. What's with the ultra passive bullshit going on on EU?

    Did everyone suddenly forget how to move their shitty is3?

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    2. Visn0r


      its not in this game its a mirror of worlds population state :(

    3. kolni


      so we are back to 2013, now give us the old maps and penetration mechanics back so the leo1 can be the best t10 in the game again pls

    4. hazzgar


      @Fulcrous no reason to add "in this game". I'm at work and it's the same.

  20. Amx30 improved handling? My address wg.

    The aim time is still shit.

  21. 2 games played in 9.20 and I already want to uninstall 

    1. SaintLaurentius


      do elaborate pls

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Just some patchday rant.

      I don't get how people can't play on patch day (and the 2/3 days after) but they suddenly get better once all the modpacks get updated..

      I also needs to settle in with a few tanks I haven't played in a while, and I took those tanks out today xD

  22. Back from vacation, played a few games.

    A batchat clipped my 140 by overmatching the roof at 300+m


  23. Tked by a guy with 7k battles in a t49 and barely 65% on marks.

    The guy threw the game by killing me.

    Guess I'll play some dayz..

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      It's not as dead as wot.

    3. EndlessAgony


      Yeah, I looked it up. Is it any good now? Most people are shitting at it for slow development from what I read...

    4. WhatTheSkara


      Development has been shit until a year ago.

      Next patch will have the game going from early alpha to beta, allowing people to create mods and add a lot of variety.

      Differences between now and a year ago? Less bugs, better graphics and optimization, more immersive gameplay. PvP is still about who has the better pc and internet, but that's common in most games. I have a couple of characters and I play them in different ways, one is about living off the land (hunting, foraging, looting) while the other is the classic "gear up and PvP til you're dead" character.. And it's fun in both ways..

      A lot of friends I used to play with uninstalled the game, but that's because they're stupid and they don't like games that involve any kind of skills (most of them had 47% or lower wr on wot as well)

  24. Anyone want to do mt15.4 for me? :feelsgoodman:

    1. KruggWulf


      5 bucks and it's yours :3

    2. hall0


      you rly doing MT15.4 for 5 bucks? Count me in

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