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  1. Tundra, 3-5-7 t10 game, north spawn in my EMIL II (last game of the grind btw).

    I decide go hill with a 430u and a 140, t28 prototype goes to kemp boosh behind us along with one of the SPGs.

    430 and I set up for a shot on whatever is crossing.

    Enemy bat is spotted, we both fire but the 430 turns blue from shooting the ass of our 140, who was crossing in the opposite direction towards the east side of the middle rock. It was 100% accidental as the dude crossed at the wrong time.

    T28 starts dumping shots into the poor 430's ass and then shoots my ass because I'm not shooting the blue.

    All of this while me, the blue 430 and the 140 were trying to hold the whole enemy team.

    That t28 legit threw the game because he focused on deleting the blue rather than helping us deleting the enemy.

    We had it, we had 3 guns that were causing some serious damage, the enemy wasn't pushing despite me having an autoloader. But no, let's shoot the blue. We ended up being the top 3 damage dealers in the team, t28 did 0 damage to the enemies despite having survived for much longer than we did.


    Dear WG,

    can we get the old strongholds back? So I can grind a whole line without playing one single pub or having to deal with such levels of autism?

    1. Enroh


      Pubbie logic.

    2. BadLuckCharm


      There's 2 things that come into play, here.

      1: that it took just 1 shot for that guy to turn blue means he's been team damaging a lot in the recent past. That is cause for alarm.

      2: the T28 went straight to "righteous indignation" without looking at the bigger picture. Was that 430U actually being a threat? Accidents happen, even to idiots. Just because the guy turned blue, doesn't mean he's being an ass at this very moment. Assholes can still be useful, even if it's momentary. The T28 was too easily tilted by a player turning blue on someone else, and screwed up his gameplay for the rest of his time in the match.

      Number 2 is worse, if number 1 doesn't end up being a case of "TK is FUN! Let's wreck the team!"

    3. WhatTheSkara


      T28 was a new player as well, he had 400 odd games and the account was created in either march or April this year.

      Here comes the question: who the fuck taught him to shoot blues instead of trying to win the game?

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