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  1. Tier 8 gets better. Playing with the top 90 it's a better patriot with slightly shittier handling but a much better premium round. With the 105 it's a better t32, at least on paper. Grind wise I suggest to free exp the 90 and tracks asap, then grind the turret and engine, then up to you, go straight to tier 9 or spend an extra 18k for the proprietary 105. The improvement from the tier 7 is obviously the turret, you have a cupola but it's smaller and can actually be hidden when using the full depression, and it gets heat instead of apcr so you at least have a chance a
  2. I'm playing the 7 right now because I don't want to waste gold on a line that could be nerfed into oblivion. So far, it's...okay. 240 alpha isn't impressive but penetration is nice at 202/242, gun handling is absolutely shit though, 0.24 base bloom means your reticle, even with stabs and a good crew, will be the size of the moon regardless, which makes missing shots at close range a recurring theme. Reloads in 7 odd seconds. Armour is where it gets interesting: the hull is trash and the gunner sits next to the driver (commander and loader in the turret), the turret i
  3. I took accuracy and for FM 8 I took 15% smaller reticle after firing. Currently sitting at 0.32 accuracy, 2.53 aim time without food, with it 0.30/2.43. standard equipment (vents grousers stab). It kills aim time but usually you're so close to the enemy and you have so much armour that a slightly longer aim time doesn't really matter. Just my permablue €0.02 though, I'm pretty sure someone with more experience will be able to give a more detailed answer.
  4. Tbf mate, nobody here refuted your work. I just pointed out that anyone with a single working brain cell wouldn't pick bloom over accuracy because the bloom decrease is marginal while the accuracy penalty is actually relevant. Larger reticle > higher chance of missing the weakspot. With that being said, I appreciate the time and effort you put in these documents. Hopefully it'll come by some poor pleb and he'll have a better understanding of the game mechanics instead of filling up the general chat with "WG cheetos rigged game!!1!one!"
  5. So, it's 2022 and this thing is killing it both in pubs and Wanker Battles. It's a line I've never been interested in until now, currently suffering through the sta-1 (so inferior to its premium counterpart it's not even fun). I've skipped the t7 completely, would it be worth to skip the rest of the grind? In this case I'll most likely wait for a free exp conversion discount so I don't bleed all my lootboxes gold. Also, looked at tanks.gg and the thing seems to have good enough bloom to ditch stabs in favour of turbo (so the equipment would be boosted turbo, vents and ram
  6. YoghurtPlease.

    If you're on here and still alive, send me a message cuz I want to finish the referral!

  7. Lmao what are those bloom values!! Can we please get a gun that doesn't bloom like an arty for once?
  8. Not to bring down OP's work, but it was rather obvious that final accuracy > aim time. In this game you fire half your shots fully aimed, and you snap the other half, so aim time (and aim speed) become somewhat irrelevant. But anyway, I think a similar document focused on field mods only would be awesome to have, focusing on the traps WG put in there. Like the traverse speed vs terrain resistance field mod, I see way too many people picking traverse speed when the actual traverse (and actual top speed) is effectively nerfed by worse resistance. P.s. server reticle is a m
  9. Out of the three new tanks, only the Caliban is worth having.

    Turdvagn is crap, yoh is just a (much) worse Renegade.

    In the mix the 122tm could be good if games weren't this fast and Skoda is just broken.

  10. Turbo (boosted) makes it go less painfully slow in a straight line, as soon as you dab A or D your speed drops to Titanic with broken engine levels and you still turn like an oil tanker filled to the brim with uranium. I'm not gonna bother with bounty/bond equipment unless it gets a major buff.
  11. I just finished grinding field mods for it. It's incredibly frustrating to play, it has two gimmicks (turret armour and penetration) that are throw out the window by everything else. Mobility is trash, 32 kph top speed won't get you anywhere quickly and, just like the maus, you need to carefully plan your route. Gun handling is trash, 0.45 accuracy means you won't hit shit over 300m, and if you do your premium ammo drops its pen to 230 at 500m (yes, over 60mm pen dropoff). DPM is bad, but if it had a decent gun I wouldn't mind too much. Goes from 1600ish to 400/800 e
  12. Yes, unfortunately, and yes, unfortunately With extremely limited time now, just an hour or two a day (playing during lunch break only).
  13. So I forgot to update. I have sold the M4 rev, wz 5a and obj 705a. M4 because it's huge, soft and 250 heat doesn't work, 5a because I kept getting penned in the cupolas every single game, 705a because honestly 317 heat doesn't cut it against most tanks you'll be facing. Also I didn't play those tanks anymore. In the meantime I have recovered a few old premiums (fcm 50t, 112, panther 88, some low tiers like the SU-85i, su100y, fcm36, many more to come as I grind enough credits). I did also get the E5 back and yeah, running the standard loadout (vents rammer vst
  14. Cool, 400 bonds down then to move optics and vents from the batchat (I will buy them again once I heff some bonds to spare) 498m vr 43% camo on the scout build (haven't mounted bond optics yet and recon is at 63%) 453m vr 41% camo on the gun build, 0.36 accuracy (might go back to bounty aiming in a while) edit: forgot to buy the camouflage field mod lol
  15. So, this was on sale last week on EU so I picked it up. Mobility is great, camo is great, bloom is nice (except for the reticle bloom after firing, 4 base is abysmal), base accuracy is meh and shell velocity is atrocious on the standard rounds but decent on gold. I am running two setups: Gun build is IRM, vents, vstab. I tried bounty aiming over IRM but didn't make things much better as imo it's geared towards sniping and sniping is the very thing this tank can't do. Scout build which is vents, CVS, optics. This because while lnes gives you stupid camo I prefer to ha
  16. 3 marked the IS6, 2 marked the m48 Patton.

    Haven't played those in years.

    Now my t62a and E5 are both around the 90/91%

    Which one should I do first?

    1. WhatTheSkara


      E5 marks dropped by 2% -.- was at 89 now at 87.

      It'll be a bitch to get them up again :D

  17. Hey guys, with equipment 2.0 a lot of opportunities for game breaking builds have opened, as noted by Crab and SR in their Stealth Scout Build thread. But I was also thinking about making shit tanks more playable and maybe discover some hidden gems (if there are any). I have a couple of tanks in my garage that are just there collecting pixel dust because they aren't good and I was wondering if a particular equipment setup would give them new life or at least make them playable until the next trade in event happens. * bold equipment is boosted. - STG: the thing h
  18. Doesn't seem overly armoured, so this might actually be decent. It's gonna be interesting to see how it fares in World of Hulldown with -4 depression though.
  19. Just picked this up, I'm gonna set it for combat rather than scouting (I'll wait until field mods 3 for that). Vents, IA, vstab?
  20. I'm confused. With LNES I kept getting spotted. I switched it for vents and I'm fucking invisible now 😕 I'll keep CVS, regular vents and optics (in this order) for now. VR is in the 490s with food and camo is around the 37% level, should get a tiny bit higher once I unlock field mods 6
  21. Update: I gave it a go in the obj 140, regular equipment (all I can afford at the moment) gives me 490 something view range, about 40% camo and boosted CVS. I got prok, south spawn on encounter, so the 1/2 line becomes less relevant but I thought it would still be a good test bed for the build, especially since there were no LTs: well it fucking sucked, I snook up the 1/2 up to the middle ridge only to find my support tanks had melted for some reason and I found myself alone vs a t95 and a bunch of mediums. Idk if it's bad luck or me not understanding spotting/camo mechan
  22. Unfortunately I don't have bounty equipment nor enough bonds to afford a few sets of improved optics. As per my status reply, I'll give it a go on some meds (bat, 140) and see what happens
  23. I'm probably doing something wrong, but how can my t100 with 480m vr, 44% camo and boosted CVS get regularly outspotted by pretty much every tank in the game? Not even firing or staying in the open, I'm literally sitting inside a bush yet SS goes off and nothing gets spotted in return 😕 I don't get it
  24. T30 is such a stupid tank.

    Can't hit shit at range, misses when fully aimed at 100m (0.3 accuracy btw) or bounces apcr.

    Shell velocity is abysmal and turret armour is a joke.

    I even unlocked field mods for it, what a waste of time.

    1. Assassin7


      I've owned it for years and always enjoyed it. yeah its gun is a bit derpy but I've never had any real issues with it - done most of my TD missions requiring high damage with it. 

      granted most of my knowledge and experience is at least a year out of date by now, so stuff has probably changed. 

    2. kolni


      Yeah always hated it, I feel like the gun mantlet could use an update to be at least a little stronger so you can fully aim that gun without getting penned hulldown for doing so

    3. Jul_Le


      I rebought this recently, and despite the gun looking good on paper it seems to miss the easiest shots. Equipped it with iRammer + iVents + bounty aim + vent purge + food and fully modded, got the dispersion down to 0,28.

      Sometimes you still miss/bounce no matter what, but man it hits hard when the gun behaves.

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