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  1. Hi everyone. So I just bit the bullet and registered an account here after lurking for a while. I'd like to thank you noobs and noobettes for all the great advice you provide here for the masses.

    I've been playing WoT since day one, have around 36k battles played all solo/randoms and just joined my first clan a few days ago. I'm still having fun in-game but do take occasional month long breaks for the sake of my sanity lol.

    I'm not sure if this will post in the right section but I cant seem to find any other options so please move if it's in the wrong place. Hey don't judge me, I'm a computard! :)

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    2. Briqs
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      kek, this is in a status update buddy, this isn't technically a forum section.

      welcome anyway

    4. Wanderjar


      welcome to the labs!

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