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  1. count reload of enemy tank if you see them shooting. Most of the time you can shoot them 2 by knowing reload times without taking any hit. fire HE on tracks side scraping heavy from high caliber gun. That tank will be permenantly tracked and hostly someone else will flank them. Stay alive in light tanks and after 3-4 min if game is still going on, find isolated tank/ arty and shoot them. or flank with your teammates. dont hesitate to press 2 key. accept random platoon invites in game. I met some cool people in game.
  2. 90 mm with stock turret. 105 with top turret. You can bully lower tiers with 105mm gun. Pretty much shoot lower tiers for half hit points with single shot.
  3. If you don't mind playing tier 5 then hit me up. I am going for third MOE on T 34 [ tier 5 ru med]. Also make sure you have fast tanks with good gun at this tier.
  4. 2.5k Recent ! Recently I realized playing on slow laptop is affecting the gameplay a lot. Spotting mechanics is delayed by at least 3 seconds with my old laptop. It sucks to get hit by tanks 50m in front of you but you can't see them for 3-4 seconds. I adjusted the gameplay, not peeking first over corner or less yolo. It is helping to improve wn8. Thanks all for your inputs.
  5. This tank shines with the top gun. You can play it as sniper or get in hull down position for close encounters, depending upon the map. I had some amazing games in it before selling it for next bigger tank. If you can make use of rate of fire and higher alpha damage, then you can deal some serious damage to enemy tanks. Always stay with other tanks. Try to get arty safe. The shell velocity is amazing for AP shells, its pretty good at sniping or hitting weak spots of super heavies. Also premium amo is apcr with even faster shells. Also try to download high damage replays from w
  6. add me if possible. playing tier 9-10 in game name : sagar_2014
  7. Thanks @asparagustasty ! I will send you platoon invite during late evening PST.
  8. Thanks all. @zapyoug and @_Juris I will remember your suggestions. This weekend, had bunch of bad games when all team was most of the teammates vanished form map within 2-3 minutes. Apart from those games, getting closer to 2.5k recent.
  9. add me. My friend and me play late evening in PST zone on both servers. Mostly tier 9s.
  10. Hi All, First, I greatly appreciate all threads and info on this forum which helped me a lot to improve. My stats are pretty bad but gradually improving. How did I get 2k recent ? Reduced playing lights and arty. Play higher tier tanks. Tier 8-10. Even if matchmaking rewards with bad team, there is more chance to defend with better guns, mobility or armor at this tier. Use free exp to unlock modules on tank. Get aggressive position in beginning and try to get flanking shots. Platoon all night with good people. [mostly friendly players who like to s
  11. can you add me plz . in game name : sagar_2014 i play tier 9 mostly.
  12. you can add me . in game name : sagar_2014 i play tier 9 mostly.
  13. Anyone here like to platoon with me please ? I play evenings in PST. mostly play tier 8-10. In game name : sagar_2014 PS : my wn8 is lowest of you all.
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