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  1. It's a bit of a slog this. 208 battles to crank the VH 60.01H up to a WR of 50%. Geez! WN8 is very good but there's a mystery. My kill ratio is 1.36 but the damage ratio only 0.91. That's weird. Why am I doing so little damage? This is my best tier VI tank, which suggests a long slog ahead in the others before I can move up
  2. How depressing to realise I have so far to go (and, as with so many, nay all, my other endeavours, the certainty that I shall never get there)
  3. I have no way of knowing what device he uses. I play on a tablet. I cannot imagine playing on a phone. I have yet to try playing blitz on the PC. It might be easier, I dunno. I did come across one of these guys in a battle on Himmelsdorf (I think). There were four of us left against just him in a Comet 62. He sniped two of us to death while we were on the base not taking things seriously anymore, then took out a guy who went up the hill in a TD to get him and then swooped down and made mincemeat of a KV2 that was still capping. It was seriously awesome. ETA I am thi
  4. Alert - this is the blitz sub-forum. Honk, honk, honk! Stay clear if not interested in blitz. I aced the DW2 this morning and proudly consulted my rating to find I am a super unicum in this tank after 73 battles (my overall rating is merely 'good'). In another 27 I will get a Star1 rating telling me where I stand in relation to all the other DW2 blitz players. As my score is really very high I was confidently anticipating a top 100 spot and took a sneak preview at the current list. Er, well … no. Geez! I am way below the guy in spot 100 and the guy at the top has a 96% win r
  5. It does and I've enjoyed it in a previous incarnation but I'm committed to the German heavies, at least until it turns out I can't get results with them. And the E8 feels very good so far but it's early days.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I can see why heavies and TDs are preferred to begin with - the decision-making is easier. Also, tactics like circle-strafing don't have to be mastered. Anyhoo, I will go E8 (you are right that the choice is the same at blitz). Thx again.
  7. OK, that's great, thanks. I should go for the more medium-ish one then because I already have a heavy and I really need to up my medium-to-light game. At what point, I wonder, do folks decide they are a tank destroyer or a heavy at heart? I am pretty near to that now, my scores with these being way better than with the mediums and lights.
  8. Once again folks, this is the blitz sub-forum. Beware, all ye who enter here. Right, that was tier V. I achieved either very good or great ratings in my chosen four tanks (SU85, VK 30.01H, M4 and T34) and now intend to move up to tier VI. The M4 leads to two seemingly identical mediums. Which of those should be preferred and why? I will get the T34-85 because someone here said it was very good and lots of players seem to agree because they are frequently encountered. I have already got the SU100 and I'm doing OK with it. Likewise the VK 36.01H which seems fine. In fact
  9. Going back to tier iv, is anyone aware of the sheer awesomeness of the DW2? It's the only heavy at that level (because the Matilda is classed as a medium for some reason) and with the best gun it is just incredible. I have a high super unicum score after 50 battles (my normal WN8 is 'good') with 72 kills against 22 deaths. I have better average XP and damage than with the tier V VK30.01H which is itself very good imho. I gather it's not that hot on the PC but the blitz version is off the scale.
  10. Alert! This is the blitz sub-forum. Do not read on or post here before you have internalised this fact deeply. I found today that it is apparently possible to upload replays of blitz games, from what type of device I have no idea. Some vids can be seen here: http://wotbstars.com/videos.php?lng=eng&geo=EU Now, I got a Kolobanov this morning with my Valentine AT in a tier IV match, which probably does not happen every day (in truth, it would not make much of a film as I just hid on a hill somewhere and bumped off anything I could hit) and I may want the world to know about it
  11. wevilc

    M3 Lee

    The M3 Lee is awesome in the blitz version of the game at any rate.
  12. The T34 is indeed very good but I find the M4 awesome. I have no idea why but it just plays very well. And the VK 30.01H is a darn good tier V heavy, faster than the KV1 and with a better gun, albeit less heavily armoured. So I have settled on T34 as a light medium (which gun is best with this - I'm using the 57mm ZiS) M4 as a heavy medium VK 30.01H as a medium heavy SU85 as TD (better than the Stug imho) So no true light tank.
  13. An interesting take. zapyoug - the top gun on the blitz version of thd Churchill GC is the OGF 32 pounder AT gun and the aim time is 1.9 seconds.
  14. Matilda is a tier IV. Just saying. Unless you mean the Russian premium which is a tier V. It's still tier VI at blitz and, in my limited experience, pretty good too. Hull down = the tactic of using the curvature of the ground to conceal your hull while, ideally, showing only your well-armoured turret to the enemy Clicker = ??? (guess - a player with a particular playing style, perhaps someone who gormlessly points and shoots and does nothing else - something like me, in fact) Waffle = tank with v. thin armour Toasters = ??? (guess - tanks that burn nicel
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