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  1. when i got tired of not getting in good tank companies.
  2. i just voted for wot im not playing any other games on that list so why not.
  3. I see no problem with the bigger clans almost every clan has that one a** who thinks hes god and is to ignorant to come off the trip.
  4. That Girl is on fire!!!
  5. Mhmm i hope they dont screw it up to bad.
  6. Haha i dont think anyone will mind you drawing a little off topic, i mean you still are staying on the topic of premium tanks.
  7. Just this morning i was in the T-34 tier five russian med tank and a clanie of mine though i was in the tier 8 american heavy premium
  8. haha im an na player, and i do have lag at times but thats just verizon going to shit for an hour then fixing it self.
  9. Great Video. They way you Guerrilla guys just mopped the floor with the purpl fellows was great. thanks for sharing
  10. I hope WN8 does not bring me down to much i am working hard to get my stuff up and its going good just hard to do with all the damn potato players
  11. I bought the t34 and i am loving the tank big gun great pin high damage its just fun to play.
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