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  1. lol yah at least he wasn't being a dick in chat like other blue/purples when he died
  2. Ok, I wasn't sure where this post should go, so...please tell me for future reference. What do you guys think about this replay:http://wotreplays.com/site/2527168#swamp-crazychicken123-t34 It was a good game, but do any of you have further tips that would have improved gameplay, or flaws that may have turned fatal? I would appreciate any ideas.
  3. Ok, thanks for the help. So it's perfectly ok to have a couple google images pop in here and there?
  4. does youtube ad revenue count as "for profit" if I display a photo from google images for like 4 seconds in a 5 minute video and the rest is my own gameplay?
  5. So many times have I read that technically if I were to use pictures/photos from Google Images in my videos, I would have to use advanced search for "Free to use, share, and modify, even commercially", which results in very few and boring pics. But countless times have other YouTubers used online pictures in their videos (memes, historical pics, etc.) Where do they get these pics from? And is copyright infringement a big issue for these? I want to use good pics to help explain stuff, but I don't want to be sued or something stupid.
  6. Yah they were from Aslain's modpack actually xD But apparently people don't like mod users? I've cleaned up the game files and it's 100% vanilla now
  7. Ok, so my stats aren't even close enough to being a credible source, but what I can say is this: 1) I just looked up X3N4 and he is god. 2) Pre-match planning: What does your team consist of (mostly heavies, or mostly mediums, or mostly tds?) and what does the enemy team have? Then coordinate based on map. For example: You are in your FCM on Abbey. Your team mostly has mediums and the enemy team mostly has mediums. Most likely there will be dogfighting in town and west, so head there to either help push, or if you're top tier then go east to defend that flank. But mostly it's based o
  8. So I posted a vid a few days ago, some of you may have seen it...I took it down b/c it was so terrible. Anyways I got a lot of backfire from my use of mods, so for future videos I was wondering what mods would be "cool/ok to use and display", per se. Before I was using XVM, damage log, hitbox skins, enemy reload timers, armor value+gun stats, and hit log. Also, what degree of cras humor is tolerable for you guys?
  9. I had a good laugh when I saw this as a topic. KSP is pretty darn good
  10. Similar to how damage varies from the displayed number, penetration varies as well, right? Like if you're using a 122mm with 175mm of pen there is a chance you could penetrate, let's say, 185mm of armor? Anyways, it seems to me APCR is the only shell type that has no real drawbacks other than reduced normalization. But HEAT/HESH/premium HE is ineffective against spaced armor (tracks included) as well as reduced normalization. Basically, there is no reason you wouldn't buy APCR, like AP is more reliable against spaced armor than HEAT is, but APCR just punches through anything and has a hig
  11. Between the tanks, I actually enjoyed the classic T-62A the most b/c it turns on a dime, on test server you can bounce so many shots by wiggling the hull and sidescraping, also i feel it has better gun handling. But then I looked on tanks.gg and found out that the obj 430 and obj 140 have pre-sloped side armor like the is-7 just without the spaced armor. So what do you guys think? I still think the T-62A is still pretty good, but which of these mediums is bested suited for a flexible/last man standing gameplay?
  12. anyone else waiting for the day wargaming releases the sturmtiger?
  13. What do you guys think about the ferdi now? Even with the health buff I feel it's difficult to compete with other tanks, especially b/c jpanther 2's armor is more sloped, and has better mobility. Borsig has a bigger gun and a turret, t28 and t28 proto have real armor (yeah ferdi is ridiculously easy to pen). ISU has a bigger gun too. fyi I don't have the 12.8 unlocked so :/ maybe that's why I dunno what do you guys think?
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