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  1. I have the same problem. But I have found that if I click on the battle log button when I first log in, before I have any battles, it will work the rest of my session. If I forgot to click the battle log button before my first battle, nothing will happen when I click on the button. It won't even bring up the dialog box to allow me to click on the "details" of the previous battles.
  2. Thanks for the tips! +1 So what's the purple area on Prokhorovka? Is that the location of a secret unicum clubhouse?
  3. Not to worry, it's not in vain! There are plenty of us bad@tanks players, like myself, that are out here lurking, trying to soak up the knowledge you guys are trying to preach. We're just too busy reading and watching replays, trying to get better; so we don't have time start "woe is me, this game needs to adapt to me" posts, like the thread referenced by the OP.
  4. First off, kudos to those above that figured out how the crew xp bonuses work with each other. As for GeeForcer's comments, just curious... in what situation would you want to turn off ACT? Thanks in advance!
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